my worms were delivered

my red wiggler worms were delivered today. now i am officially a worm farmer.  i put them in the bins they will live in. i fixed up the bedding yesterday. i bought a thousand of them. they will double in number every 90 days. i will use the worm castings in my grow beds.

gotta add organic matter every year. I will use this set up for years. I will get my investment back in better veggies.  the people that have these vermiculture systems brag on them. I will move the system to my basement in the winter. don’t want them to freeze. they will produce compost year round.

i have to keep a light on  and not bother the worms for a few days. I am studying up on vermiculture. it seems simple enough. feed the worms and they produce worm castings or compost. that goes in my grow beds, my veggies benefit.  I can handle that.

my kale is ready to be picked. we will make kale chips out of it. we will saute some and add to scrambled eggs too. my cabbages are bigger but not quite ready. I have ripe strawberries to pick. i used my fresh cilantro to make guacamole. looks like every thing in my grow boxes is growing.  I put a lot of work into it.

i knew that rain was predicted for last night. we got it. good thing I planted my crooked neck squash in the corn rows. the indian beans are coming up. now I have everything planted.

yesterday I fixed up my tomatoes. i tried this one way of planting 4 plants around a 5 gallon bucket that was partially buried in the ground. it had holes in it to water down by the roots. i didnt like that so i replaced it with a soaker hose. i wont have to hand carry the water any more. I just turn on the faucet.

I weeded and mulched around the tomatoes. i covered the soaker hose with mulch. it should last longer since it isn’t exposed to the weather. I have seen soaker hoses get all brittle from sun and rain. then they break. I want the soaker hose to last all growing season.

I added a basil plant in the middle of the plants. this is a companion plant that helps tomatoes. I staked the plants. they will grow inside a big tomato cage I made with wire used in concrete work. they will have plenty of support.

it is june already and I haven’t scored a snapper turtle. I usually find one by now. i thought they would be moving during the few rains we had. I probably will ease up on cleaning turtles. maybe just one or two a year from now on. I love the taste of turtle. reminds me of my youth.

the other day mary and I walked on the paved road near our house. I took a plastic walmarks bag. I picked nenwezhek along the ditches as we walked. we finished our two mile walk and I had a gallon and a half of nenwezhek. our walk was for exercise and latter suppers.

gotta do my chores