gotta mow again

looks like I need to mow the lawn again. that’s okay. I got my mower back. I am glad my niece let me borrow her mower. otherwise my lawn would have to be baled up. I found a buncha indian design decals I bought at pow wows. I will use them to pimp out my mower.

i bought a pest repeller after rodents chewed up my mowers wiring.  it has ultrasonic pulses and LED strobe lights that is suppose to drive critters away. I need a coupla C batteries to make it work. if they chew my mower wires again I will use poison. dont like using it but that mower cost me almost 2 thou.

mary took a picture of me when we was walking last week. I was picking nenwezhek in the ditches. I filled up that wal-marks bag. soon as I got home, I washed them several times. then I diced them up. mary put them in freezer bags after we blanched them. we will get a few meals out of them.

i just checked on my worm farm. I did see that none ventured out of their container. i seen on amazon what worm castings cost. 4 pounds for 20 bucks. 10 pounds for 33 bucks. the price varies. I don’t have to worry bout that. I have my own worms to give it for free.

i got a paper shredder delivered yesterday. I will use it to shred paper and card board for the worms. they use it for bedding and they eat it. and I can get rid of the amazon boxes I have and junk mail.

i cancelled my cable a few days ago. it cost $70 for the lowest package. tack on equipment rental, dvr and taxes and it totals over $100. and there still aint anything to watch. I needed cable for KU games. I can order a package for that during the season.

I only watch news, cobert and Heffernan reruns. there is no need for a hundred plus channels. I do have Netflix, Roku and amazon prime.  I get things to binge watch. I have an outdoor antenna hooked up to my bedroom. it only gets about 20 some channels but I have roku in there also.  I don’t really need cable.

protests are still going on around the country. I can agree with that. so much change is needed. some police continue to brutalize protesters. its like they are trying to prove the point. some police took a knee to show support. they know killing the people they suppose to ‘protect and serve’ is wrong.

some change is happening. a coupla places passed laws banning choke holds. every state should do that.

i cant believe our government wouldn’t take any action during the beginning of this pandemic. they sure mustered up the forces to quell any protests. wonder if people noticed that most police forces around the country have military equipment to use against its own citizens.  don’t know why our leaders cant just use that same energy to bring about justice.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon outlawed any form of protest. their actions show they already have. the irony is this country was built on protest. they used rubber bullets and tear gas on Indians protesting pipelines. now they use them on everyone-black, white, Indians, latinos, gays, women, children. its one of the few times they treated everyone the same.

gotta do chores.