moved my antenna

I had to climb on the roof to move my outdoor tv antenna. i bought it last year. it was connected to the tv in my bedroom. I cancelled the cable hookup in there to save the  monthly fee I was charged. it wasn’t much but I didn’t see why I had to extra for that service.

i was never pleased with the reception I got. the antenna only gave me 20 channels. at times like cloudy days the reception on some channels was fuzzy. i couldn’t get local news or the Colbert show all the time. probably cuz a big oak tree blocked getting good reception.

i cancelled my cable last week. that cut out the local channels. I watch them most of the time. I decided to connect the antenna to the tv in the living room. we do most of our tv watching there.

it didnt take much to move the antenna.  I moved it to the other side of the roof. i have a direct line south from this part. our signal comes from topeekie. I got everything connected. I got down from the roof to check if it worked.

I did a scan for channels. I got 36 channels. they were all clear. I am happy I moved the antenna. now I wont have to buy a package to get local news. the $46 I paid for that antenna was worth it. I will save over $100 a month by not paying for cable. righteous bucks for an old guy.

it was 95 degrees outside when i was doing that. i didnt know it was the hottest day of the year so far until i was done. the next day we went walking early in the morning so we wouldn’t have to deal with that heat. we did our two miles when it was cooler.

when i walked past the garden I noticed my potatoes are flowering. I can get new potatoes soon. the red potatoes will make a good breakfast with fresh eggs and bacon from the meat locker. add my hot sauce and it will be great.

I have listened to music most of my life. I remember hearing early rock and roll on transistor radios. I bought 45s, albums, cassettes, 8 tracks and cds. I always had to have music to listen to. so what happens now? I just got a different iPhone a few months back. iTunes didn’t recognize the music I had transferred to it.

yesterday I was charging my phone on my computer. it zapped all my playlists off. I cussed like an old lady when some one hollers bingo. I will have to recreate my playlists and upload them to my phone again. no big deal but it will take time. that might be alright. I knew my playlists so well I knew what song was coming up next.

I mowed yesterday. my cousin told me to tie up the flap that keeps the grass from flying everywhere. this stops it from making wind rows. so I did.  I like that better. it was windy as a politician so some grass blew up on me but I didn’t care. I like how the grass is spread everywhere instead piled in rows.

gots to take my rav4 in tomorrow. when I start it, a message says maintenance required, see your dealer. I made an appointment. they will look at it. town day.