shi keh

I  mentioned I haven’t seen any snapping turtles. then some one brought me my first one of the year. I like this size turtle. they are more tender than bigger ones. gotta cook the big ones a lot longer. after I put the snapper in a barrel with water, we went walking.

I was thinking of this turtle as I walked.  we got to the bridge over little soldier crick. we usually stop there to drink from our water bottle and take a breather. I looked down into the crick. I seen a snapping turtle swimming in the water. I told mary to get a picture of it. it dove below the surface because it musta seen our movement.

I was taking another drink while looking at the water. I seen another snapping turtle. both of these turtles were about the size of the one I had in a barrel. I thought this must be the day of the turtle eh.

seeing those turtles reminded me of a young guy I was teaching how to clean turtles. I told him about swallowing the still beating heart for a long life. he was game to try it. he started gagging a few times. he said ‘I cant do it, eddie joe’. I said you don’t have to, so he quit trying. I thought it was funny but I didn’t laugh at him.

I took my car to the dealership for an appointment. it was about a warning light I was getting.  they said I probably need an oil change. I said I just had one. the guy I was talking to called another guy over. that guy reached into my car and pushed a few buttons. he said it had to be reset after an oil change.

I asked the guy was that all. he just nodded. I was on my way after thanking him. I was happy it wasn’t anything serious. or that it would have cost some bucks to fix.  it wouldn’t have been a big deal. the car is still under warranty.

I am glad to see it rained last night. my garden is all planted. this past week I weeded my sema patch. I also transplanted my sema plants. I spaced them evenly through out the rows.  best time to do that is before or after a rain. they dont go into shock much and their survival rate is better.

my new glasses came in. I have to go pick them up in Odan. I have to call when I get there. I wait in the car until they come out to me. they are being cautious about the covid stuff. I am glad they are.

I will take my desktop computer to the shop when I head out. some thing is wrong with it. it wont do an update on my virus protection and if I click on a link it says no file.  I called the virus people. they said it was nothing they could do and I was to call my internet people. the internet people came out and said it wasn’t the internet.

I will have my computer checked out to make sure nothing is wrong with it. at least eliminate my computer as the problem. if it isn’t the computer I bet it is because the internet service I get aint fast enough. faster service aint available in the boonies where I live. I might have to buy one of those hotspot things if I can find a reasonably priced one.

i will head out bout lunch time. i wanna stop at a migo food truck to get lunch.


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