logging more miles

my corn field came out spotty. i tilled in between the rows to kill the weeds. i seen why my corn didnt come up thick. many of the corn stalks had the tops chewed off. there were deer tracks in the corn field. i have seen deer tracks all spring. i am guessing they have been eating my corn. they  have eaten some of my indian beans too.

i went to topeekie to get some deer repellant. i used that before. it isnt 100%. deer still may come around. i will try anything. i dont want to lose my indian corn. i also put my hair that tangles up in my hair brush there too. and i shishi by the cornfield. deer arent crazy bout human scent. i will also put some spent bullets there. deer dont like the smell of gun powder either. i figure a combination of these things may keep them the hell outta my corn.

i got a call from the computer place that works on my computer. it was ready. they fixed it up. my virus protection was messed up. they removed it. they replace it with a free program. they told me the free ones work as well and they dont cost a thing. i can believe that. the one i paid bout 60 bucks for was attacked and messed up. now my computer is running good again.

i have been working outside most of the past few weeks. i was bit by a fly. i remember them old guys saying that means its gonna rain.  when i was working in the northwest i told that to a guy from the coast. he said his people said the same thing.

mary and i have been logging our miles. last week we walked 6 miles. this week we already have 8 miles. we might get 10 miles this week. i took the bottom half of this picture by the bridge we stop at to drink our water.

there is this plant an old man showed me. you crush it up to release the scent then breathe it in.  it helps your whole system. i use it when ever i see it. it usually grows along the road we walk on. the grass was cut recently along the road side we walk on. it looks nice but now that plant is gone. i liked breathing it when i walked.

today i will cut the suckers off the corn stalks. this leaves one main stalk that all the energy goes into. it makes a stronger plant. while i am cutting the suckers off i will replant my crooked necks. i dont know if the deer ate them or if the seeds i had didnt germinate. i have been soaking some over night.

besides the crooked necks i will also plant some other seeds. a guy asked me for some sema plants last year. he traded me some squash seeds that came from the mexican kickapoo. i ate the squash and liked the taste of it. i will plant a few rows of it. i will dry it if i get any squash from the seeds.

gotta get busy before it gets hot.

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