still doing gardening chores

still cant understand  some people when they told me they would be bored if they retired. i dont have time to get bored. i stay busy. i have told some that my life is a full time job. my only pay is personal satisfaction. i get plenty of that.

i have been working outside without my music. it got zapped off my phone. i have to make up my playlists again. most of my playlists were over 8 hours each. that is so i can work or drive all day and not have to change my music anytime.  i only hear music i want to hear. i  have to reload some tunes from my cds. good thing i didnt get rid of them.

i used to wonder why some old people would always get up early. now i am thinking i have become one of those old people. i have been getting up an hour or two earlier than i normally do. i take advantage of that by doing chores in the morning before it gets hot.

i did get all the suckers cut off my corn stalks. i also reseeded squash into the rows of corn. i noticed that the deer musta ate some of my indian beans. i soaked some seeds overnight. i will plant them in the corn too. i doubt its too late to plant them. its worth a gamble to plant them. the few remaining plants wont give me many beans. got nothing to lose by planting more.

i finished transplanting my sema plants. they are somewhat evenly spaced in rows. i have been watering them in this heat. i carry a watering can to do that. i could use a hose but i need to get my steps in. my fitbit keeps track of how much walking i do every day.

we didnt get walk last night. i was aiming to get in one more walk to make it 10 miles for the week. my sister came over. she traded me a pie for some sema plants. we sat around outside and visited. i wasnt about to chase her off to get to my walk. we welcome company. we talked a long time.

i have been thinking about requesting an absentee ballot for the november elections. on the other hand if i go to mayetta i can be sure my vote gets in. i know there wont be a 5 hours long wait to get in to vote at mayetta. this isnt georgia. i can still maintain social distancing if necessary. it is never crowded in that little town.

time to change the gold fish charlie’s water again. i had intended to move him back out to the rain barrels but the kids like to see him swimming in the tank. i have a light for the tank. they leave it on during the night. so charlie stays.

i still have a list of chores to do. gotta put up my fire place, rebuild some of my screens i use to dry corn and squash, trim some more low branches etc.  there is always work to do. i better get at some.

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