building mode

i must be in a building mode. i already finished two 8 foot long work benches for my garage. now i have built two raised beds in front of my tool shed. i have planted here before. i grew cucumbers in this spot. another time i grew bird house gourds. it was on bare ground. now i have raised beds with enriched soil to grow things in.

i had some leftover indian bean seeds. i had soaked them before i planted them in the rows of corn. i noticed that the beans were sprouting. i didnt want to waste them.  i built these grow boxes to plant them in. you cant have too many indian beans.

i made the trellises a few years ago. i will use them again for the indian beans to climb up. i mixed up composted manure, cotton burr compost and top soil together. i filled the grow boxes with this mix. it is rich soil that i put on top of a layer of dried leaves. i had to mix up 3 wheel barrows full to fill both boxes up.

i have to feed  the worms in my vermicomposting system. whatever i feed them i will get back in worm castings. i will add that organic matter to my grow boxes.  i have this ninja chopper thing that cuts up veggies. it is better for the worms if they have smaller bits to eat. so far i have chopped up over ripe straw berries, dried leaves, plantain and  cantaloupe. i put shredded paper and card board in there as well. 

i gave the worms some coffee grounds. i will  grind up some egg shells later. they will eat the egg shells if they are small enough. that is for grit they need to help digestion. i belong to several worm composting groups on facebook. i am learning from those sites. those composters have been at it for years and share their tips.

i got one of my playlists made up. i will have to put it in the order i want to hear. usually my favorites are first. i lost some songs. kinda hate that. i dont have the cds with those songs on them. i wouldnt have had those tunes if i didnt want them. i gotta have my music when i work or drive on a long trip. i have more lists to upload to my phone.

i have been without cable tv for awhile now. its not a question of whether or not i can live without it. i am living without it. and i am saving over a hundred bucks a month. i am happy with the outdoor antenna i bought. i can watch local news, colbert etc. i have netflix, amazon prime and roku channels. i probably will add a package if we have a k u basketball season.

we are watching our grand daughters during the day. that has been fun for me. we have the grand sons on weekends. i live for my grand kids. i can never have too much time with them. they keep misho young.

gotta do my chores.