working before the heat kicks in

i was doing my gardening chores this morning before it got hot. i weeded my grow beds. i pulled the weeds and put them in my compost pile. i had a pile of them. my compost pile is mostly dried leaves. i need the green to make it hot.

after i did that i watered the grow beds. they are close enough that i can use a garden hose. we are having warmer than usual temperatures for this time of year.  mid 90s. that kind of heat can zap young plants. mine are doing okay though cuz i have been watering everything. my rain barrels are bout empty. we need rain.

while i was working outside i looked at my new raised beds in front of my tool shed. i seen some green. it was my rabbit beans coming up. the mattwaoshe beans havent broke ground yet. i have been watering both. i have both beans in my rows of corn too. these are in grow boxes that i can water.

i have been missing auctions. there is a site i go to and see what is up for auction. last night there was an on line bidding only auction. i seen it had what they called a piece of leather. it looked like commercial tan white buckskin to me. it is pictured in the collage on the left.  i put a $10 bid on it. i won the item. i called the place in tonganoxie. they said they could ship it for bout 13 bucks. i said okay. i will get it by monday.

we are always looking for the snapping turtles we seen below the bridge we walk over. i had my camera along when i took the picture of one turtle. it was submerged in the water. that made it hard to focus on. the other one stayed in the deeper part and i couldnt get a picture.

i get the county rag. one of the features i read are the arrest records. i see if any of my relatives have been up to no good. the paper wasnt putting that in there. they just started back up. i remember they put my name on the front page of that rag bout 40 years ago. it was for public intox. musta been a slow news week. or what i did was the crime of the week.

i thought i was done with the rip off cable companies. i seen my bank statement had a charge from them. i called them up to see what was going on. i told them i cancelled my service. the lady told me policy was they had to charge the full month up til the 26th of this month.

i tried to be nice to the lady. it was the knuckle head that i dealt with that didnt tell me that. i could have watched cable for the past few weeks if i had known that. but i already took down the cables that were hooked up to my tv. well now they got their last dollar from me. i ignore their appeals to come back for $39 a month. (only for a year, then back to full charge). why didnt they cut the fees while i was a customer? oh well i am out.

gotta run to town. its my grandson samuels’ birthday. he gotta get a present from misho.

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