first day of summer

as a gardener, i am always grateful for the rain we get. we didnt get much but in this early heat, any rain we get is welcome.  the ground still has big cracks in it.  they are predicting some more tonite. we got enough rain to make the grass grow.  i will have to mow again.

the rain will give my indian corn a growth spurt. my corn is doing good. that is what corn i have. it has bare spots in it. deer ate some of it. i didn’t reseed. i am going with what i got. as if life, i take what i get.

i cut the suckers off my corn. the main stalk grew visibly taller after this rain. but some of the suckers grew back. i cut some of them off. i have more to do. this rain should make the beans and squash i planted come up. none of the squash came up the first time. i noticed the mexican kickapoo squash came up this time. i will wait to see if the crooked neck squash comes up.

my rabbit beans in the grow beds are doing real good. i have a lot of them. a few of the mattwaoshe beans have started to come up. i will need to water them til they come up. i want to get a good crop of beans. i do have some growing in the corn field too.

last week some thing killed my rooster. i fixed what i thought was the weak spot. several days went by and nothing. thought i took care of it. last night something got into the chicken house and killed 5 hens. my dog is too old to fend off critters. used to be, he would never let any animals into the yard.

i saved two of the carcasses. i will use them as bait in the live cages i have. i did that before and they never bothered it. i will try again. i bought a baby monitor. i will hook it up in the chicken house. if i hear any noise i will go out and blast the varmint. cant be nice about it. once they start killing chickens they dont stop. that is until they are killed themselves.

just got rid of cable. now my internet is making me question my supplier. i get a real weak signal. i called them. they said they would come here friday. if not then monday. yeah yeah. i dont know what the other internet companies are like. i asked a few people what experiences they had with other companies. the company i am with just isnt fast enough. i will look at replacing what i have. i am not getting my moneys worth.

i considered ordering boltons book. then thought naw. why didnt he testify back when they had hearings. yeah i know, it wouldnt have mattered. our president gets a pass on everything he does. i will pass on the book. i will hear whatever is in it anyway.

i walked 8 miles last week. i plan on walking again today. if i do that will be another 8  mile week. gotta walk first though. kinda reminds me of this hunter. he was aiming in on a rabbit. some one came by and asked him how many he had. he answered if i get this one and two more i will have 3. now thats optimism.

gotta rig up my traps n the baby monitor.

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