picked indian tea, losing chickens

i went to pick indian tea. i wanted to pick it before the field is mowed for hay. i can get more later after it is hayed. i picked alot. it weighed about 4 pounds. thats the most i picked. i want enough to drink tea thru out the year.

mary and i stripped the leaves off the stems. i have the tea leaves drying in brown paper grocery sacks. it is in my tool shed. it get hot in there because i have alot of window area. its almost like a hot house sometimes.  after it is dried i will start drinking indian tea. it is a good all around tonic that is good for the whole body.

i was walking my usual two miles. i seen movement in a tree. i stopped to have a better look. it was a small raccoon. then i seen two other raccoons. they were all the same size. the mother musta been out hunting. i took a picture of the little ones.

the little raccoons might be considered cute. but i dont think the one that i caught in my live trap is. it is one of the critters that killed many of my chickens. this one was caught in the cage and there were other dead chickens in the chicken house. must be others.

that raccoon was so big, he ruined my live trap. he ripped up the pressure plate that slams the door shut. the metal was bent. raccoons are tough, til you put a bullet up side their head. i ordered another live trap to replace the ruined one. i will get it delivered thursday.

i set a ladder against the chicken house. i checked out the roof. it is made of corrugated sheet metal. i have some sections that are green fiber glass. it takes the place of windows and lets light in. the green stuff is brittle from being exposed to the weather. the raccoons made a hole thru it to get in.

i nailed a couple of corrugated sheets over the top of the holes. no raccoons got into the chicken house last night. i will continue to set my trap til i catch more. i will bbq the next one i catch. it fattens up on my chickens and i will make a meal out of it. that completes the circle of life eh.

i once had a rooster and 14 hens. now i am left with 6 hens. i got 4 eggs yesterday. that is enough for us. i used to sell my surplus eggs to pay for chicken feed. i seen an ad that advertised chicks on craigslist. i called and talked to the guy. he said he had hundreds of rhode island reds of all ages.

i said i will call back after i took care of my raccoon problem. rhode island reds are my favorite chicken. i like raising chickens. it gives me something to do. i will get some that are 4 months old. they will lay in a month or two for sure. i might get some chicks for next year.

life is never dull. there is always something.

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  1. Man, I’m sorry about your chickens. Have you trapped any more of the raccoons?

    That tea, is that catclaw brier? It looks similar but I didn’t know you could make a tea of it. We have it growing around here for the bees and butterflies, does your plant have pink flowers that kind of look like little pompoms?

  2. the raccoons havent been back in the last two nights Tanya. i am setting my traps every nite though. not sure of the name for that tea but it doesnt have pink flowers. the flowers are purple and more spear like. there is another plant that looks similiar but it is bitter.

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