went to a ball game

i went to andrews ball game last night. i texted his mom to tell him misho was coming to his game. he liked that. we drove to lawrence to watch the game. we had our lawn chairs to sit on.  we had no problem with social distancing. people sat in their own groups.

after the game we gave andrew and samuel a hug. we wont be seeing them this week end. they will go see their grand mother from the southwest. they will be back the following week end. misho will probably have to buy fireworks.

we got home late. the game wasnt over til 9 o clock. i had a dog proof trap set for the raccoons that killed my chickens. i also had a live trap set. it was set off but nothing inside it. the raccoons killed all my chickens but two. i will clean them today. i will at least get a coupla meals out of them. i wont buy any more chickens until i trap the raccoons. i ordered some more traps.

we picked some wild black berries yesterday afternoon. there are some volunteer bushes on the north east corner of our house. i didnt cut them down because last year i picked some of the berries. i did stake them to a t post i had. we filled a freezer bag of them. we will use them in a ttibekwe.

there are more black berry bushes by the ditch near our mailbox.i noticed some of the berries got dried up from the early heat we had. thats why i was surprised we had some by our house. maybe it was because they had some shade from the house.

i check on the indian tea i am drying. i fluff it up in the brown paper sack it is in. that is so it gets air and dont stick together. dont want mold to form. i will continue to dry it for a few more days. i should have enough to last me a good part of the year. i used to pick it when i was young. we didnt get to buy pop in them days. so i drank indian tea. as a diabetic i have to stay away from pop today. i can live with that.

the predicted rain we were suppose to get didnt materialize. my corn would really benefit from it. after i cut the suckers off my corn it grew. some of it is waist high. some rain would give it another growth spurt. the squash and indian beans i reseeded havent come up yet. they needed rain.

today i will mow the yard. temps are in the high 70s now. it wont get too warm today. i dont like mowing when it is hot. the grass hasnt grown too high. we didnt get that much rain. i want to keep it cut though. no sense in cutting high grass.

i went after my meds. they changed my metformin. they asked if i heard about that. i said i seen something on facebook but you cant believe everything on that site. i guess the dosage i was taken could cause cancer in some people. i dont wanna die from diabetes or cancer. or covid. or boredom.

got no more chickens. one of my chores is gone. i have plenty of others to do.