caught ’em

i caught a raccoon and a possum. the possum was caught in a live cage. the raccoon was caught in a dog proof trap. i just had the live cage delivered a few days ago.  i borrowed the dog proof trap. i have one of those on order. i should be getting it soon.

i will continue to set traps for the rest of the week. when i stop catching critters i will get more chickens. i dont let set backs stop me. i probably raised chickens at least 30 years of the 35 years we lived here. dogs wiped out my chickens once when i let them roam free.

i will call this one farmer that has hundreds of rhode island reds. those are my favorite chicken. i will get about 20 of them. some will be laying this fall. i will still get eggs.

i usually feel bad if i gotta kill an animal. well not so much if i am hunting. i know that is part of getting food to eat. i didnt feel any remorse killing these two critters that killed my chickens. actually i felt kinda glad they are gone. they wont ever eat another one of my chickens.

mary and i cleaned the last two chickens we had. i didnt want to lose every one of them. it didnt take long. i made a fire outside to heat the water. i tied the chickens upside down and slit their throats. they bled out as they hung there. we dipped them in the hot water and plucked the feathers off. we cleaned enough chickens that it didnt take us long to get done.

i had already lost 1 rooster and 12 hens. and about a dozen eggs a day. i still feel like i have to go out to the chicken house and feed them or bring in the eggs. old habits. now i got no chickens. hell yeah i am happy i killed that coon and possum.

i had my lab tests this morning. they drew some blood and i have to fill a cup. i have a doctors appointment on monday. my new doc wanted the tests done before i see her. my medications depend on the results of my tests.

i went to another one of my grandson’s baseball games last night. they wanted to spend the night with us before they head to the southwest this weekend. they will leave tonight. so we got a house full of grand kids today. i like that. i love any time i get with the grand kids. i still swear i was kept alive to see my grand kids.

i picked all my cabbages. we had fried cabbage. it really tasted real good. home grown cabbage tastes so much better than store bought. we diced up the rest and put them in food saver bags. we froze them for soups and stews later.

the hayfields in the surrounding area have been cut. the renters of this allotment havent cut our hay yet. it is usually cut by this time. i would always get worried about the field catching fire when we light fireworks. the grass is still green now.

the little rain we got the other night helped my corn. we ‘pose to get more. good.