home on the range…

took this picture of my home place as we were coming back from a walk. i wanted a good shot of my corn field. the corn looks good right now. still have over a month before it is ready to pick. too many variables can happen in that time. not enough or too much rain. not enough sun or too much heat. gotta wait and see what happens.

i like this picture of my trees.  i moved in here about 35 years ago. the house was in a hayfield on my misho’s allotment. the ground around it was bare and had no trees. i planted most of these trees.  a few volunteers came up.  when i am working outside i can sit under the trees for shade while taking a break.

we walked 8 miles this past week. that makes it 3 weeks in a row that we walked that many miles. we walked 28 miles in 27 days. that is probably our best month walking so far. we are trying to keep it up.

we went to the farmers market in kansas city yesterday. we weighed the pros and cons of a trip to the city. we are aware the covid crisis is far from over. the numbers are still going up. it is definitely not a hoax. we will only stop its spread when everyone is actively trying to help. i see many that just dont care.

we have stayed home. we have taken precautions. we knew our hour drive there and hour drive back would be in the car. at the farmers market we wore face masks as did most others. the market is outside.  the threat of rain may have kept some home. it wasn’t packed. that was good for us.

we have been wanting to go to this farmers market. they have more stands to choose from than the one in topeekie. i prefer things that are grown locally instead of trucked in.  i can go to the grocery store if i wanted trucked in veggies n fruit.

we wanted to stock up and fruit and vegetables. and we did. i made  3 trips back to the car with full bags. we bought watermelon, cantaloupe, green beans, peaches, cucumbers, kale, sweet corn and tomatoes. i grow some of these but mine arent ready yet. i noticed i had green beans to pick when i got home.

i want to start juicing again. i can drink a glass of veggies. fresh home grown veggies are the best to use for that.  gotta get our fill on what is in season. this winter they wont taste as good or be as nutritious.

i havent caught any more critters the past two nights. i will keep setting traps. i wont buy any more chickens until i am sure nothing is coming around. i want my fresh eggs.  life isnt suppose to be easy. i wont quit because i lost my chickens. i will just start over. i have done that many times in life.


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