eating my veggies

i picked some of our new potatoes and green beans. mary cooked them with some bacon and chicken broth. the broth is from the chickens we cleaned. she added some of our onions.  the fresh green beans and new potatoes tasted real good. my gardening is paying off. i get to eat fresh vegetables that i grew.

i caught another raccoon. felt no pity for the critter as i said ‘say hello to my little friend”.  then i offed it. the raccoons wiped out my chicken herd. they didnt even eat all of the chickens. it was like they just killed them. a lot more ruthless than me.

it was caught in the dog proof trap. my new live cage was empty. i got my new dog proof trap but it aint got the anchor to it. i gotta rig it to stay in place while the critter is caught. or order the missing part from the place i bought the trap from.

i am not gonna replace my chickens just yet. i will rebuild my chicken yard. the poles holding up the fence are leaning in. it dont look pleasing to my eye. i will straighten it out. i have to cut down the mulberry tree that they climb upon to get to the roof of the chicken house too. i want to see how many i catch first. when it tapers off, any chickens i get will be safer.

we walked 2 miles last night. we heard it would be 100 degrees today. didnt think we would walk in that.  we walked 30 miles this month. thats our best month in some time. now we gotta keep it up.

i have been saying i wanna hit the weights. its rare i go into the basement during the summer. i gotta force myself to lift. i dont get into it that much. i mainly do it to burn more calories. and they say that strength training helps old people in a number of ways.

my worm farm still has worms. i have been trying my best to take care of it. had it for 3 and a half weeks. i add food when necessary. i belong to several groups dedicated to worm composting. i read up on tips and how to on these sites. i am big into learning about things i have an interest in.  it is getting hotter. i moved the worm bin to the basement. dont want the coming heat to kill my worms. it will be in the basement this winter anyway.

i ordered a book on doing quillwork on birch bark. i am making a fan. some dude traded it to me for a roach years ago. i have been wanting to fix it up. i decided i wanted a birch bark handle. that is an old style you dont see often. underneath it will be rawhide to strengthen the handle. i want a simple design on it. i will practice on scraps until i am sure of my quill technique.

i had my doctors appointment. my numbers are going down. that is the right direction. the doc upped my dosage of meds.  she said she would see me in 3 months. that is good news. i will keep trying to improve my health by walking, eating better etc.

last item on my bucket list is to live long enough to be a crabby old man. but i said i wouldnt be mean when i am old. i will go out with a smile. hell yeah