we picked blue berries again this year

we went blue berry picking yesterday. the day before i turned on my computer and seen the berry place had some slots open for picking. this was an hour later. i added my name as fast as i could.  i got in. the time slots fill up fast. during straw berry season i didnt see sign ups until 15 minutes after they were posted. all times were full by then.

i was lucky i got a time to pick. not only that but the day was cloudy. the temperature was in the mid 70s. it was cool while we picked. we didnt even break a sweat. the weather man has predicted that we were to have 90 degree weather that eventually turns into 100 degree weather for the next 10 days.

we took my great niece kekakwe.  i had the honor of  giving her an indian name.  long ago a namer and the one named used to have a bond. i try to follow that. i am close to my niece because she was the first one i named. she hung out with the old people for half a day. we visited thru out our time together.

usually they transported pickers to the field in a wagon pulled by a tractor. sort of a hayrack ride. that was part of the experience. now they are practicing social distancing. we wore masks around other people but not while picking. we were outdoors. we had to walk to the fields. no big deal. mary and i have been walking as much as we can.

we had a row to ourselves. the blue berry bushes werent real full. they had a previous picking on monday. we picked for a couple of hours. i picked 5.4 pounds of berries. my berries cost me $24. i also bought two pints of pre picked black berries and a dozen blue berry donuts. the grand kids will eat them up.

i have starting juicing again.  i juiced regularly then i fell out of my routine. fresh vegetables are in season. i stocked up on them. some say you dont get the benefit of roughage by juicing. maybe. but i dont eat as many fresh vegetables as i should. i can drink a glass of them with no problem.

i upgraded my phone to an X S. it isnt the newest one but it is a new phone. the 8 i have isnt loading my music. i have to have my music. no music good bye phone. i missed my play lists when i mowed. and when i drive. i have to go to town to have the sprint store upload all my data to my new phone. i copied my pictures to an external hard drive. my music is already gone.

the grand sons are coming for their week end visit. i suppose misho will have to buy fireworks. they get a kick out of them. that will cost a few bucks. they dont like the kiddie stuff. they wanna see the sky light up. that aint cheap.

i gotta head to town to get my phone switched over.