fourth of july

they are finally cutting the hay on my misho’s allotment. the farmer that rents this land musta been in a patriotic mood. he wrapped the bales in a red, white and blue covering. we were coming back from our two mile walk and i wanted a picture by a bale.

i get a small check for my share of the hay taken off this land. i dont get as much as the renter of the land. indians get a small pittance compared to them. the government protects the interests of the farmers instead of the land owners. things havent changed much.

we have been walking 8 miles a week for the past 4 weeks. we did 6 miles the week before these weeks. we have been logging some miles. this morning we went walking before breakfast. we wanted to walk while temps were in the 70s instead of the 90s.

there is an old country saying about corn  being ‘knee high, by the fourth of july’. mine is there and then some. it is about 5 feet tall. it is already tasseling too. they are predicting a 60% chance of rain tonight. that would be good for my corn. it needs that rain when the ears of corn are forming.

my vines crops are spreading out. the watermelon plants have little watermelons on the vines. i will prune some off. it is better to have a few strong melons instead of many smaller ones. my cantaloupe plants have vined out all over. the mexican kickapoo  squash is doing good too. i like the taste of that squash.

i picked a big pan of fresh green beans. we ate some and froze some. we put away not quite a gallon of them. we will get more pickings of them. i also dug up some new potatoes. they were the red ones. the yukon gold didn’t do well. we will get some of them though.

i havent seen any menashkuk in the ditch. it is usually flowering by now. i pick it when it is ready. i use it when ever i have a sweat. i havent been doing them that often. i wanna redo my lodge over. the willows are ready to be cut. i was waiting for the hay to be cut. thats another chore i have to do.

we ordered propane. the gas company said it was the cheapest price they had in a long time. it was $1.15 a gallon. when i was young we didnt have electricity. now i cant live with out central air. the heat is coming and i want to be comfortable in my home. if i am working outside it is nice to come in and cool off when i am done.

i will mow the yard today. the grass isnt that high but it needs cutting. i am not sure of how much gas i have. i might have to run to nation station. it will take me an hour to mow. i want it done before it gets hot. we are having a cook out late afternoon. i want the lawn mowed. it looks nice when it is.

gotta get busy.