days of summer

i havent been catching anything in the traps. dont know if i caught all the the varmints that killed my chickens or not. i wont get any more chickens until i am sure they will be safe. i do miss having chickens. out of habit i feel like going out there to feed them or bring in the eggs. but there aint any.

we are out of our eggs now. we will have to buy fresh eggs from some where. its a good thing that there are people that still raise chickens. like me they sell their extra eggs. farmers markets always have fresh eggs for sale too.

i recently upgraded to another phone. now i have a X S. it is not the latest phone but it is a new phone. it aint a pre owned.  i like the camera on it. it zooms out good. i need a phone that takes good pictures. it is nice to have a camera handy when that one shot presents itself.

it took some time for my old and new phones to transfer data to each other. i had almost 2000 pictures on the old phone. i backed them up to an external hard drive. i told the phone guy i didnt need them. he said they would transfer anyway. he missed the point of me not wanting to wait for that to happen. it took all day and it wasnt done. i finally had to power off the phone. then it started working after a day. now its okay.

my rabbit beans are doing real good. not so with my mattwaoshe beans. i only have one plant of them. i replanted after soaking some of those beans. they still didnt come up. i might not get any mattwaoshe beans this year. i tried to start some sage from seeds but they didnt do well either. nothing came up in this early heat.

i weeded my sema patch last night. it wasnt too bad. i have kept up with it. i will till in between the rows. that is so i can hill it up. that will prevent the rain or watering i do from running off. i have been watering my plants to keep my plants alive.  they are getting bigger. these plants thrive on heat.

i have been watering my tomatoes too. i have some fruit forming. thing is the temps will be in the 90s all week. the best temps for tomatoes to ripen is around 80. the heat may interfere with a good crop. gardening is a gamble. i never know what or if i will get anything.

i am lucky i got my early crops in. i have put away kale, strawberries, black berries, potatoes, green beans, cabbages, peas and onions. i still have bell peppers, jalapenos, habaneros, anaheim peppers, leeks and cucumbers in my grow boxes. and i have more onions growing. so far i am having good luck. hope that holds up.

i gotta do my chores before it gets hot.