plants doing good

the plants in my grow boxes are hanging in there with this heat. i have been watering them. i use a garden hose or i water from the rain barrels. the garden hose is easier to use but i get my steps in by using the watering can. i dont know how many trips i make from the rain barrels to my plants.

my field garden is doing good too. it is too big to water but so far we have had enough moisture to keep everything alive. i picked more green beans and new potatoes before breakfast.  gotta do that before the heat kicks in. it is suppose to be 100 degrees today. i do most of my chores in the morning or evening when it aint as hot.

i weeded all the grow boxes. i also added straw as mulch. gotta keep the moisture in when i water. i have been watering to keep my plants alive. that is paying off. it is getting hotter but my plants are healthy. they can stand up to some heat. i will keep watering them.

the ears are forming on my indian corn. it is tasseling and the ears have silk. thats good because the farmer on the next plot is growing corn and it isnt yet. that means mine wont cross breed with the field corn. gotta keep it pure white.

my habanero and bell peppers are forming. the jalapenos and anaheims havent yet. they will. i added epsom salts around the plants to encourage more fruit on the plants. i grow alot of peppers to use as seasonings. we use them in our cooking.

my kale is still growing. i use it in my juicing. we make kale chips out of it too. and we put it in our cooking. we add it to soups and fried potatoes. sometimes we add it to scrambled eggs.

i have tomatoes forming but none ripening so far. i might drive to topeekie to check on that place i bought from last year. we had some tomatoes to eat but not enough to can. i am running out of hot sauce. i want more. we also can salsa and plain tomatoes. i think i bought 4 flats last year. i would again.

i am noticing small trees growing in my yard, garden and grow boxes. they musta started from acorns or maple seeds. i havent pulled the little trees. i will let them grow. undecided on whether i should transplant them or not. i have good shade in my yard from trees i have planted for the past 35 years. i dont think i have 35 years to watch these small ones grow to that size.

i havent caught anything in the traps lately. dont know if my critter problem is solved or not. i do want to get some chickens. that farmer i talked to has some that are 4 months old. they would lay in a month or two. i can still get eggs this fall and winter. i suppose if i get some, i can still set traps. i am anxious to raise chickens again.