got some rain

i have watermelons forming. i have 4 hills of them. each hill has 4 plants. my cantaloupe are flowering. they will form next. i have 4 hills of mexican kickapoo squash. i also noticed some growing in the rows of corn. i will dry any that i get.

i haven’t seen crooked neck squash though. if i dont get any crooked necks i will have to buy some to dry. i have been getting them from an amish town over in mizzourah. i get a good deal on them. they usually have 20 pound squash.

we got a little bit of rain recently. we needed it. my corn was curled up from the  heat. the  ground had big cracks in it. any moisture we get is needed right now. ears of corn have formed. they need rain to grow. last year we had too much heat when the ears formed. they didnt do too good.

the corn has tasseled. if i was really into it i would hand pollinate the corn. it is as simple and taking some of the pollen and applying it to the silk. that would make the ears of corn better. i probably wont get around to that. i let nature take its course.

even though we did get some rain i watered my plants this morning. they are doing good because i have been doing that. i try to use water from the rain barrels up. when it rains it will fill the barrels up again. that is free water. it is better than the hard water we get from our tap.

i have to fill up my humming bird feeders again. i quit using the red nectar stuff they sell. i read it wasnt good for the birds. i can accept that. i use plain sugar and water to fill up the feeders.

gardening has kept me busy during this corona virus thing. i am still staying close to home. it looks like the number of cases is continuing to rise. when i do have to go somewhere i noticed that many dont wear masks. i do and get a few looks over it. i dont care. i have gotten looks most of my life. got past that one long ago.

i have been surprised by a couple of court decisions. the supreme court kinda said half of oklahoma is reservation. and a district court ruled the dakota access pipeline must be shut down and drained. i feel both are shockers. not often indians win a case in court. some lawyers get fat off tribes with out ever winning a case.

i am down to my last canning jar of hot sauce. my habanero peppers and tomatoes better come in, i will need another years worth of hot sauce. i put it on most every thing. i went to the place i bought several flats of tomatoes from last year. i seen the long grow house wasnt covered. the field had no tomato plants. i went to the veggies stands on lower silver lake road. they too are closed. the small time grower is getting knocked out of business.

got more chores to do.