seen a few animals


i was driving by the buffalo pen the other day. i stopped to check out the buffalo. i seen one on the top of a dirt pile. i knew then it was a rez buffalo. it was playing king of the hill but no one else really wanted to play. if it was thinking it coulda leapt over the fence. then it woulda spent all its time trying to get back in.

this morning i glanced out my front window and i seen a deer in the yard. might be one of those that nibbled my corn. if any of them are still around this winter, they will end up in a pot. their rawhide will be stretched over a hand drum frame.

i have been missing raising chickens. i fixed that. i seen an ad on craigslist for hy line chickens. that is a hybrid genetically altered to be superior egg layers.  these were 12 to 18 months old and lay big brown eggs. the chickens were 5 bucks each. i took all 13 of them. thank you covid check.

they are a passive breed. that should be good for my grand kids. the grand kids like to go outside and watch the chickens. sometimes they help me gather the eggs.

i would much prefer heirloom breeds like rhode island reds, buff orpintons or barred rocks. none of these were for sale at a good cost. i buy chicks of these breeds because it is cheaper to raise them instead of buying laying hens. i didnt want to wait for chicks to grow so i bought these. i want eggs now.

it was a good sunday drive picking up the chickens. we had to go to baldwin city. that is an hour drive from here. on the way back i stopped at a look out tower south of lawrence. it is about 3 stories high. it is on top of a hill and overlooks the surrounding area. it has a good view. it was a good break from the short drive. we then headed back to the rez.

i nailed a couple of sheets of corrugated metal on top of the chicken house. i seen where the raccoons got in.  the metal covered the holes. while i was working i noticed a couple of the chickens squaring off. it looked like their combs were longer than the rest. they must be roosters. i will keep the dominant one and eat the other.

i dont know if any more critters will come around to try to kill these chickens. i trapped 3 raccoons and one possum. i had traps set for the past week. i havent caught anything. i am hoping i got the chicken killers. i went ahead and bought these new chickens because i gotta take a chance every thing is alright. only one way to find out. i will keep traps set.

now i add feeding and watering chickens back to my list of daily chores. it is worth it to  me. i would rather eat fresh eggs instead of store bought. fresh always taste better. some say they dont notice the difference. i can sure taste it. thats why i raise chickens.

it was a good day. start of a new week.