we aint indians either

they finally will change the redskins name. that is probably because of the social awareness the protests brought to the public. the white house press secretary said a poll showed that 90% of indians didnt mind the term redskin. i must be in the 10% that didnt feel honored. some probably think that the indians at standing rock didnt mind the rubber bullets, tear gas and attack dogs either.

i have worn a redskin or cleveland indian baseball cap before. not that i agreed with it but indians just werent in the public consciousness years back. it was either the savage indian, chief wahoo or tonto that we seen. then came billie jack who didnt even look indian. we had nothing to identify with.

i am a big fan of the kansas city chiefs. i dont know what to make of the name. i have gone to a few of their foot ball games. i never did like the tomahawk chop. nor do i like people dressing up like what they think indians look like. the chiefs organization would show some class if they stopped all that. they are a championship team. act like it.

when i was going to college some dude asked me if i lived on the reservation. i said yeah. he wanted to come take pictures of indians. he said he wanted old people that were real wrinkled. dont know what his thought was but i didnt help him out.

some have asked me about the use of the term reznjun. they said it was a stereotype. i answered that back in my youth i was called a f#$@&+! injun so many times. i got into many fights over that. i know that violence isnt the answer but i did stop some from ever using that term to me again.  i once heard you can say a word over and over until it means nothing. to me the silent prejudice hurt more than any word. people that havent experienced that probably wont get that.

when i was a young lad i thought it would be nice to be a carpenter. i went to take a test to become an apprentice. i scored 98 out of a 100 on the test. the dude administering the test told me ‘thats pretty good for an indian’. without hesitation i said ‘thats pretty good for a white man’. i was kinda radical in them days. i didnt get the job. no one liked uppity indians then.

that wasnt the first or last time i was denied a job because of what i was. i learned to live with that.  some new wave indians think us brown, country indians are dumb and need to get out of their way. that kind of prejudice coming from your own people is the worse.

i get on facebook because it is nice to get away from the real world now and then. i got nominated to show my work for 10 days. at first i was hesitant. then i thought what the hell. i do a number of crafts. i create art with my hands that i am proud of. why not show it. i dont know if i have 10 days worth of work though. if not, i will let it go at that.

i drank a coupla gallons of indian tea so far. i have a big batch of tea curing out. i should have enough to last me until next years picking. it is a good tonic. at my age i will use any help i can get.

got chores to do.

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