comet, chickens n mail in ballot

i took andrew to his baseball game in lawrence last night. the game was at 7:45. the sun was gonna down as the game ended. i wanted to see if i could get a picture of the comet that is passing by. no luck seeing that. it was cloudy in the northwest. i did get this red sunset picture though.

i have been out every evening trying to see this comet. it has been cloudy almost every night. i know i wont be around in 8 thousand years when it comes back. next week it is suppose to be visible with out binoculars. i will have my nikon ready.

another raccoon got into my chicken house a few days ago. it killed 2 chickens. since then i have put the chickens into a cage for the night. the coon cant break into that cage. i let the chickens out in the day. it only takes about ten minutes to cage them or let them out.

i have to patch the hole in the roof where the coon got into. it is the plexiglass that lets light in. it gets brittle and thus breakable. i will cover it with corrugated sheet metal. i need to replace a couple of boards and maybe the door too. more work to do.

i am thinking i will fatten these chickens up to butcher them. they are a hybrid. they were raised in a pen. they dont know how to roost in the roof rafters. nor can they fly up to the nests i built to lay their eggs.  they will become soup. dumb chickens. thats why i prefer heirloom breeds like rhode island reds, barred rocks or buff orpingtons.

`this corona virus is proving it is not a hoax. positive cases are going up, not flattening out. human lives are the sacrificial pawns to get the economy going. records for positive cases are being set daily over the past week or two. forget the second wave, the first wave isnt over.

now our government is pushing to open schools under the threat of holding back funding if they dont open. nothing has been done to make kids safe from school shooters so that isnt a big surprise. we are the country that has locked up kids at the border for a few years. that lack of humanity shows how much we care for kids.

i try playing it safe. it dont matter. many arent wearing masks or practicing social distancing. i have stayed home the past few months. i even stayed away from ceremonies. i am 68 years old and have arthritis. i take pills for diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. recently i had to start injecting insulin because of my diabetes. i would be considered a high risk for contacting the virus.

some may wonder why i havent gone. my beliefs are what i live by. they are not in a building or ceremonial ring. my life is what i believe in. i dont have to prove that to anyone. i am trying to stay safe because i have more work to do. i want more years to teach my grand kids.

i dont know if i want to request an absentee ballot for the november elections. i probably will end up doing so. mayetta dont have that many voters. there is never a line in that small town. i have voted since i was 18 years old. i may have missed an election back in my bumming around days.

got to get to my chores.