heat wave

seen some new buffalo calves that were born this spring. had to get a picture even if i was far away.  i kinda miss seeing a big herd. the tribe sold some of our buffalo. i know buffalo need more land to graze on but it was nice  seeing a big herd.

i ordered two more books on quillwork. the two new books only cost 5 bucks each. i am looking for more. the one i already bought about quillwork on birch bark wasnt so much instructional as it was pictorial art. i want to learn how add quillwork to a fan i have. i seen an old fan with birch bark on the handle.

i have dyed quills with dye i used on deer tails for my roaches. i had a coupla hides someone sold me. i plucked the quills off myself. first i had to soak the hide to loosen the quills. i have a supply of quills on hand now to practice trying to do quillwork.

the reason i want to mess with quills is i have opportunities to buy quills. i get asked that from trappers who want to sell me their porcupine hair.  they have the porkys already just need a market for the quills. they ask me how much i would pay. i never know how to respond to that.

porcupine quills from the indian supply houses cost too much for my taste. those places always charge too high. they know the indian market has to take it or leave it. thats why i will try to buy from trappers. we cut out the middle man. i would buy all the quills from several porcupines if i got a good price. the trappers toss them otherwise.  i will see this next season.

i have been watering my plants from the rain barrels. i also use the garden hose for my raised beds. i want to keep my plants alive in this coming heat. they are predicting a heat index of 105 to 110 degrees today. i do my chores in the morning or evening.  i will stay inside with the central air on. we lived a lifetime without it. now it is nice to have.

i havent caught any more raccoons. its been over a week and a half. i still cage the chickens at night. just in case. i am getting about 3 eggs a day. i think i have 2 roosters and 9 hens. production should go up soon i am guessing. i noticed the chickens roosted on the small roosts i put up for chicks. they will learn.

i was talking about a mail in ballot. i did get one in the mail for the primary election. i forgot i sent that it. i believe it was online. i will probably send for a mail in ballot for the november elections now. if i can vote from home i will.

i continue to be disappointed with my internet. i had to buy a hotspot so the kids could play their games. then i bought a wifi repeater that was suppose to help with our slow internet that kept dropping signal. it didnt. granted i did buy a cheaper model. i thought if it worked i could upgrade later. nothing happened with it.  i call the internet people but it seems they dont really give a damn as long as they get paid.

gonna stay cool today.

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