thunder rolled in

i woke up to the sound of thunder rolling thru. i like that sound. when i use to be bumming around the country in my younger days the sound of thunder always reminded me of home. i thought of the times they made us put sema down when we heard thunder.

my ears of corn have been forming. this rain will give them a good growth spurt. it is getting close to picking time. i will dry my corn. it wont be a bumper crop but i will take what i get.

the grand kids wanted ‘smores yesterday. i had to make a fire in our fire ring. i am getting my $40 worth out of that fire ring. we waited til late afternoon when the shade covered the area. it was hot out but it felt good in the shade. it only took 35 years for the shade to cover our yard.

i mowed yesterday. i wanted that done before the expected rains. i didnt want the grass to get too tall. that aint too good on the mower. again the shade came in handy. i would get to cool off while mowing under the 30 or 40 trees i planted over the years.

there is a shortage of coins. our casino is offering $10 in free play if you cash in your coins. i slacked off gambling drastically so i had mary take my coins over. she played the 10 bucks. my coins totaled $184. the cashier said that was the most turned in so far. i save all my change, i usually cash them in before taking a trip.

i am getting a kick out of the political ads on tv. the politicians dont run on their own merit. they have to cut the other candidate down. now i see where our tribal politicians get that. i remember old people saying everything the world has, we have. no doubt.

i notice some places are announcing that face masks are now required. walmarks comes to mind. thats very proactive. wonder why this wasnt done earlier. say like 3 or 4 months ago. some people get all strung out over wearing a mask. they feel their freedom is taken away. wow what a tough life they can tell their grand children about.

i have been eating lotsa in season produce. i grew some and i bought some at farmers markets. its rare i buy produce from grocery stores. unless its off season. so far i am filling up on cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, new potatoes, radishes, onions, kale, strawberries, black berries, blue berries, sweet corn and peaches. gotta eat all i can cuz this winter they wont taste as good as they do now. nor will they be as cheap.

i ordered a new tent. thanks covid check. some of the poles on my old tent broke in a wind storm. i called and emailed the company that sells replacement poles. no answer. i did order the same tent so now i will have replacement poles if needed.

the tent will hold 7 people. not that many camp with us. i like to have an air mattress and my lawn chairs in the tent. i also like room to be able to change my clothes. cant wait until i can camp out. i will set the tent up in the back yard. i will camp out with the grand kids.

did my chores this morning.

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