gardening work paying off

you cant dry your corn until it is done. the rains we had is making it grow. the rain came at the right time. last year we dealt with 100 degree heat around this time. cant control the weather so we have to accept what it gives us.

deer were eating my corn stalks early on. i didnt get as many corn stalks are usual. the ones i do have are healthy. it looks like i am getting two or three ears of corn on each stalk. some stalks are short and not producing but overall the corn looks good.

it is still too early to tell but it looks like i might get a good crop this year. i better get to fixing my screens i use to dry the corn on. last fall i bought a whole roll of screen at a good price. probably half the cost of buying individual rolls of screen.

i planted sunflowers in my rows of corn. they are companion crops. this is the first year i have tried planting them together. dont know if it works but my corn sure looks good. it is tall too. i will use the sun flowers as bird feed. i might even try salting some and baking it. we like sunflower seeds.

my watermelons are doing good. i have the round crimson sweet. this rain has made them grow. my cantaloupes took a while to grow but now they have fruit on the vines. my mexican kickapoo squash is vining out all over. no squash or flowers yet. they are growing good though.

i will get a second picking of sema. this rain has made it grow too. i had been watering it during the early heat we had. i kept it alive. there were times that it was wilting. it would rejuvenate after the trees shaded it and i watered it. glad i put that work into it. i should have enough to last us for awhile.

i got a friend request on facebook. it was from a guy i made a roach for back in the 90s. the 1990s, not the 1890s. he is interested in another roach. that was nice to hear that he still had the one i made. he passed it on to his son. i will make him one that others will wish they had.

i am still putting my chickens in a cage at night. no critters have returned to my chicken house. i still have traps set. i wont give up on trying to catch whatever comes around. if these chickens survive i will buy more chicks for next year. i will feed them all winter and have plenty of eggs next year.

there are these big bugs that fly around our yard light. (i bet some old timers remember when there were only a few yard lights on the whole rez. you turned those ones on with a switch.) these bugs land in my rain barrels. there are lotsa them. i scoop them up and toss them to my chickens. i toss grass in there too. chickens that forage for insects and grass have better eggs.

got chores to do. that is what keeps this old guy going.

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