garden is producing

still getting more vegetables from my grow beds. i watered them during the heat we had. i also added straw as mulch to keep the moisture in. my plants have survived. there will be more heat though. but at least the plants are healthy.

my anaheims are getting big enough to pick and roast. then i will have green chiles. my bell peppers are getting there too. my jalapenos and habaneros are forming. i will add some epsom salts around the base of the plants. that will give them a boost in producing more peppers.

i have been picking kale for awhile now. i use it in my juicing. we made kale chips too. i picked some leeks. i have more growing. i use peppers, onions and leeks in cooking. leeks really make turtle taste good.

the grand daughters have been coming over. they have fun hanging out at misho and grandmas. they come out to watch me feed the chickens. they like to watch the chickens. kinikwe makes sounds like the chickens. cracks me up.

we are still walking. we have logged 6 miles so far this week. we should get an 8 mile week in. we havent for a coupla weeks. the heat stopped us. we keep walking though. we are on pace to have two 30 mile months in a row. now and then people stop to talk to us. we get some visiting in and still maintain social distancing.

this country had a million new cases of covid in two weeks. wonder how it would be if our “leaders” had acted months ago. they spent more time sending in goon troops to police peaceful demonstrators. they even tear gassed a bunch of moms that acted as a shield for the protesters. the government’s stance is we wont help you in a pandemic but protest and we all over you and that goes for yer mom too.

our governor signed a decree to open schools later in september. but this is kansas. no one wants to obey a democrat governor. some want to open school sooner. some believe that children cant catch covid. hmmm. its like lets send out the children first. if that works,  then we can go out. kids going to school will really get the economy going. if schools dont open we will cut funding. yeah that will teach them.

speaking of kansas. i get a kick out of the political ads. this is a red state. in most ads,  the one running proclaims they are pro trump, pro nra, pro life and for the wall. and they bad mouth “liberals”. i will be glad when the election is over. tired of hearing some of this stuff.

my indian corn is getting closer to being picked. it looks good. the stalks have two or three ears. i hope to get a good crop this year. i am getting low on my dried corn supply. i enjoy a bowl of corn soup so much that i will put in the work to get one.

gotta do some chores.

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