gonna have green chiles


i went to the farmers market in topeekie yesterday. this indian gets off the rez now and then. i needed more veggies for my juicing. i got in some walking and i checked out what other people are selling. most of those farmers grow a lot more than i do. i only grow food to store for us to eat during the coming year. i dont sell any of my produce.

i noticed a stand that had anaheim peppers. the dude was selling them for 4 bucks a box or two for $7. i wanted some so we could have green chiles to cook with right now. mine arent ready yet. i bought $14 worth of anaheims. if i was gonna buy any i wanted enough to make our labors worth while.

it was hot outside but i got a fire going in our fire ring. i have lotsa elm branches i had cut up. they came from a tree in our yard that fell over. the wind got it.  it took us awhile to get a good bed of coals.  we roasted the peppers over a fire in spite of the heat.  we were in the shade but it was still hot. this morning we added fresh green chiles to our hash browns for breakfast.

we will fix more green chiles when mine are done. i picked two big ones this morning. more are forming. i keep watering my grow beds. mary took out some pork from the freezer for some green chile stew. we will use my new potatoes and our roasted green chiles for that. it will go into the crock pot and simmer all day. that will be our supper.

i also wanted some cantaloupes and water melons. mine are still growing. i have one hill that has 7 cantaloupes a little smaller than a volleyball growing out of it. there were many stands at the farmers market that had melons. i bought two cantaloupes and one watermelon. i gotta eat them while they are in season.

i haven’t grown garlic. i bought two garlic bulbs. i will separate the cloves and plant them in my grow beds this fall. they will be ready to pick next year. i add garlic to many things that i cook. i use it when i cook turtle or shrimp. it takes away the gamey taste.

i had been putting my chickens in a cage at night. i still had traps set though. i havent caught anything in about two weeks.  maybe i got the critters that killed my chickens. or some other critter did. i thought it is worth a gamble to see if our problem was solved. last night we left the chickens out. they were all here this morning. i may call that one farmer who had hundreds of rhode island reds. i would buy some of them for next year.

i still get a kick out of political ads. both parties accuse the the other of being crooks. i think both parties are crooks. politicians created the problems we have. it has gotten to the point where we have to choose the lesser of two evils.

what will this week bring?

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