da plane

i was kicking back when i heard a plane fly real low over the house. no, no i dont smoke it no mo.  i had to go see. it was a crop dusting plane. it was spraying the corn field south of us. it kept circling over our house.  i dont understand why they spraying, that corn is about ready. maybe to stop dem indians from getting corn for pugnah.

last year another spray plane was working this area. i read complaints on  facebook about why is it on the rez, some one oughta report it, etc.  i wondered where have these people  been. spray planes have been dusting crops in this area for the past twenty or thirty years. it was usually a yellow plane that did the spraying.

i dont know if the comet neowise is still visible or not. i wanted to take a picture of it. we went out to look for it several times. it was cloudy a few nights we were out. one night it was clear. we scanned the sky near the big dipper. we looked to the side of where it was suppose to be, instead of directly at it. we thought we seen the glow of it. or maybe we just wanted to see it. but i believe we seen it. no picture though.

my chickens are still alive. no varmints have been after them. i havent caught anything in the traps for the past two weeks. i nailed corrugated sheets of metal over the fiberglass panels that let light in. the fiber glass got brittle and the raccoons learned it was easier to break. crafty little critters.

the chicken house is dark inside now. i lost the light i had. i ordered some solar powered lights off the internet. i have been wanting to do that. sometimes chickens wont lay as much in the winter. extending the light in a day spurs them to lay eggs when daylight hours are shorter. i want fresh eggs in the winter too.

this morning, i entered a coupla my roaches into an art show. it will be at our casino this friday. i dont expect to win any prizes or to sell any roaches. i just like to display my art work. i take pride in my work. i have been doing these for over 40 years now.

i tried to pop a kernel of my indian corn with my thumb. thats how i know when it is ready. i didnt feel it pop. the ears arent fully developed yet. they are getting bigger. i think i may get enough corn to dry. i will be happy with what ever i get. i like my indian corn so much that i am willing to put all that work into growing it. it is worth it to me.

i was asked about my garden. i said i was lucky. it would be more accurate to say i am lucky i learned from my failures. one year i got a hundred crooked neck squash. another year i didnt get any. thats the way it goes. i roll with it. i have enjoyed a number vegetables this year. i know there will be years when i dont get any.

i will go watch my grand son play baseball tonight. that is if it dont get rained out.

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