canning tomatoes

today we are (or more accurately mary is) canning tomatoes. i help by staying the hell out of her way. or i will do something to save her time or effort. we have 40 pounds of tomatoes. dont know how many quarts we will end up with.

i  made some pico de gallo. next i want to make some more hot sauce. i am running low. i put hot sauce on most things. my habanero peppers are still small. they havent changed color. they will turn orange, then i can make hot sauce. i will add some of my jalapenos to the hot sauce. i will also use my onions.

i know i gotta take every thing i see on face book with a grain of salt. i seen where people are warning others not to plant these unmarked seeds if they get them in the mail. i had to laugh. most people dont garden at all. it is very unlikely anyone will plant any of those seeds.

we have been getting lotsa rain. maybe not as much as topeekie. they have flooding down there. it is nice to see our cricks running. some years there was no water but a few pockets.

i tried mowing my yard yesterday but the grass clumped together. that aint good on the mower. i will wait til it dries out some. it isnt that tall yet. i try to keep up with it. my mower needed work done on it twice this year. it is working fine now.

this rain should make my ears of corn fill out. it is getting closer to being ready. i will be drying corn real soon. i havent remade any of my drying screens yet. the weight of the corn tears the screen loose from the staples.  i dont think i will need very many screens this year.

i got my primary ballot ready to mail. it is kinda a rip off. i gotta pay $1.20 in postage. most of the places where candidates names shoulda been were empty. they were like township clerk or township treasurer.  in other races some one ran unopposed. i had the option of writing in any ones name. basically my vote can only help decide two races.

my vermicomposting system is still going. i feed the worms every few days. i see the worms around the corner where i put the food. i add shredded paper or card board. i also add coffee grounds or ground up egg shells. the egg shells is the needed grit they use for digesting.

when this corona virus was just starting, some one asked me if i was ready to practice social distancing. i replied i have been doing that for 20 years. i added you never know who is mad at you, your family or your dog. it doesnt even have be any thing you did. some people act mean to others because they cant handle their own lives.

i have done more spring cleaning. i finished redoing the storage room in the garage. i added a  big work bench in it.  i need more work space in the garage. i am moving things out of the way. it takes time to get every thing stored.

gotta wait for things to dry out to do more work.