went to an art show

i entered two of my roaches into an art show for potawatomi artists. it was held at our casino. i went over there to check out the art. i enjoyed the art of other potawatomis. i know most people on or near the rez. i got in some visiting with most that i seen.

the artist could be present to answer questions about his work but that was optional.  each table had a chair for the artist. i thought what the hell i sat down. i was visiting with people anyway. i hung out for a coupla hours. thats the most time i spent in a casino without gambling. per cap wont go up because of me.

everyone that came to the show was given a ticket. they were to vote for their favorite work of art. they are gonna announce the best in show on monday. dont know why it has to be on monday. i guess cuz we sovereign.

my humming birds are still hitting my feeders. i took a picture of three of them outside  my kitchen window. i have other feeders hanging in trees around the yard. i like watching these birds fly around. i have hummingbird vines on my tool shed and chicken house. they hit those flowers for the pollen.

we ended up with 14 quarts of canned tomatoes. 5 of the pints were stewed tomatoes. i will make hot sauce when i get enough tomatoes to make a years supply.  i will make some salsa too. we have been canning for a few years now. we dont like the idea of paying a dollar for one tomato that has no taste in the winter.

i got my solar powered lights for the chicken house. i am in the process of putting them up. i had to clear some of the hummingbird vine. that stuff takes over. i needed room to put the solar cells up. i gotta drill some holes for the wires to go inside. they will connect to the lights.

i called that farmer who had rhode island reds. he still has some chickens left. they are 3 months old. they should start laying eggs in a coupla months or less. i will butcher some of these ones i have now. they kinda dumb chickens. they dont know how to roost in the chicken house rafters. nor do they use the egg boxes i made. i prefer rhode island reds. with the solar lights i should get eggs all thru the winter.

i trimmed low hanging tree branches in my yard. i had to duck when i mowed. dont have to deal with that anymore. i hooked up the cart to my riding mower. i hauled the branches off to the ditch.  i went ahead and mowed since i already had the mower out. i was just about done and it started to rain again. i was determined to finish before the rain. i almost was but got drenched. that was alright. i know my garden got rain.

got more work to do.