drying corn

today we are gonna dry our indian corn. i dont know how much we will end up with. doesnt matter. at least we did get some. some of the stalks look like they have two or three ears on them. the ears are about 12 inches long. we are lucky we will get some dried corn. i am always thankful for that.

i picked a few ears to see how it was. these are two of them. i got a coupla others with hard kernels. i will save those for seed. i always save the first that is ready for seed. that way i have corn that is ready around now. i dont want corn that matures late.

drying corn  used to be kinda a communal thing. friends and family all got together to do the drying. of course they used to grow greater amounts of corn in the olden days. a few of my family are coming over to help us. me, mary and our sons usually get ours done. my sister is coming at noon and my niece after she gets off work. we should have most of it spooned off today.

i bought a 100 quart cooking pot off the internet. i bought it last year just for blanching our indian corn before we dry it. i had been looking all over for a big pot. i went to garage sales, auctions and flea markets. couldnt find anything that big anywhere. thats why i went on line.

i still have elm wood to heat the pot. i had alot of smaller elms trees in the ditch. they dried out and i had them cut down. we also had a big elm that fell in the yard. i borrowed a chainsaw to cut it up. i will have plenty of wood to keep our fire going.

first thing we do is pick the corn. i usually wear long pants. dont wanna get cut by the corn blades. i have been looking for a bag to carry while picking. they used to have braided bags. no one makes them anymore. i will keep looking for a bag til i find one.

i will get a fire going as we husk the corn. we pile the corn on top of the husks to cool down. then we spoon it off the cob. we will spread it onto screens i made. this allows it to dry from both sides. i bought a row of screen to repair any screens that need replacing.

this week the temps will be 80s all week. it will be partly cloudy most of the week. that means the dried corn will have a red tint to it. it dont matter. it will be dried corn. our supply is getting low.

it will be work but i like doing drying. it reminds me of my mother. she is the one that taught me alot of the things i do now. some times i can imagine her watching over us as we work.

gotta get busy.