we did get some indian corn

we finished drying our corn. we got it done on monday. we had help. my son joe, my sister jackie and my niece mica came over. two grandsons and two grand daughters were here too. mary and i were glad they helped us. we got in lotsa visiting. i dont think we had a moment of silence during that whole time.

my mother has been gone almost 20years. when i dry corn or squash, pick nenwezhek or wild onions i think of her. she is the one that taught me so many things. i know she gotta feel happy that i still do the things she taught me.

it didnt take long to pick the corn. i seen some rabbit beans that were done. i picked them too. my mattwaoshe beans are still growing. i hope to get some indian beans yet.

after we would fill our bags with corn we would dump them into the cart attached to my riding mower. when we filled it, i drove the load of corn to the shade. we shucked it there. it was close to the firepit we used to blanch the corn.

i used the big stainless stock pot i bought. it is a 100 quart pot. it held lotsa ears of corn at one time. i was happy with the pot. i toyed with the idea of buying another one but this pot is more than adequate to do the job.

we sat in the shade while spooning the corn off. we put the corn kernels into a gallon pitcher. when it was full i would empty it onto screens i made to dry corn with. we fill that pitcher up 7 times. that 7 gallons of corn will dry down to a little over half that. not a bumper crop but i take what i get.

the corn is setting up pretty good. i was concerned that it would turn red. the weather guy predicted it would be cloudy. nothing wrong with corn that gets a red tint. it tastes the same. i appreciate any indian corn that i get.

i am going to pick up some rhode island red chickens today. that farmer still has some  3 month old birds left. they should lay in a month or two. once they start laying i can butcher some of these hybrid chickens. i dont know how many i will get, but at least 10 hens.

i had two of my roaches in that art show held at the casino. it was open to any potawatomi artist. one of my roaches took first in show. i won a $500 visa gift card for that. the other roach took 14th place. i won an ice cream maker for that.  we will try to make some home made ice cream.

i am not setting my corn out this morning until i see if the sun comes out. it is suppose to be 80 degrees today. that will help dry the corn. i will get to it when i get back from buying chickens.  gotta get moving.