indian corn is dried and put away

my website had some technical difficulties. i wrote a blog on wednesday. i hit the publish button. like bob dylan i didnt look back. it wasnt until yesterday that i looked at my site. thats when i noticed the blog hadnt posted. it was kinda like john lennons lost weekend. except it was a lost blog. that got fixed.

our indian corn is dried and put away. we celebrated by cooking some corn soup with buffalo burger ( thats all us old folks get). we cooked some dried corn that we had left from last year.  we ration it out so that it will last us all year. the grand kids were here. they really like corn soup. they wanted more.

the grandkids watched us do the whole process of drying the corn. they tried to help shucking the corn. andrew tried spooning the corn. while the corn was cooling, they ate several ears of corn each. these kids will grow up drying corn.

we roasted another batch of anaheim peppers. i like the taste of green chiles. we use them in cooking. i like my hash browns cooked with them. green chile stew tastes great. we add green chiles to burritos, tacos and fried potatoes. we put away a years supply last year. we are getting there this year.

i planted cantaloupes. i had one hill that produced 7 of them. they were all big. i have been watching one that was turning orange. it was about ready. i went to check it out yesterday. it and another one were gone. damn rabbits. i will blast them this winter. they can fatten up on my garden and i will eat them. its the cycle of life.

i bought 13 chicks off craigslist. 8 are rhode island reds, 4 are barred rocks and i black one i dont know. i assume it is an australorp. they all lay big, brown eggs. the guy advertised them as 3 month old. when i got there he said they were actually two months old. they wont lay for another coupla months. thats okay, the hybrid chickens i have are giving me fresh eggs until then.

while i was buying the chickens i was asked if i wanted to buy a pig. i said you cant get anything into processing plants until next year. that is because of covid. the guy called a place and was told the same thing. i read that on a kansas farms page on facebook. even chicks cost more this year because of covid. people are putting away food. i do that every year.

we got the floor in our bedroom replaced this week. i added that bedroom onto the house years ago. all our kids were living with us then. i built it so we would have more room. water damage rotted out some of the flooring. the whole thing had to be replaced. we got an indian contractor to do the job. he really did a good job.

now we gotta find a contractor to add a wood laminate to cover it. since we will have a new bedroom, we will repaint too. and add new drapes. our grandsons come up on weekends. we will move them to a bigger bedroom. neither one likes to sleep on the top bunk. so we will separate the bunk beds. they need more room for that.

gotta do my chores.