got some rain

i love the sound of thunder rolling in. we had a 40% chance of rain.  it started to come down when i went out to feed the chickens. i fed them inside the chicken house. i have the rhode island red chicks cooped up inside so they are fed in there as well.

one chick got loose and i seen it get pecked about 5 times in a few seconds. i fixed the spot where it got out. good thing they are penned off from the hens. chickens have a pecking order like fort indians. some have to continually try to establish dominance. guess they cant live with everyone else as equals.

i only have a few things growing in my raised beds. mostly hot peppers. i added epsom salts around the plants to spur more growth. i want more anaheims so i can add to the green chiles we have saved. i will make hot sauce when my habaneros and jalapenos are ripe. i grow lotsa things as seasonings for our cooking over the year.

i  planted some slips i got off a sweet potato i grew last year. they are growing leaves. i got about 20 pounds of them in one grow box last year.  i read about an island where every one grew to an old age. their main staple was sweet potatoes. even though i lived longer than i thought i would, i still want to live to be an old man. 

i have spent most of the summer eating whatever is in season. none of these veggies will taste as good this winter. and they will cost more. i have been eating tomatoes, berries, peaches, onions, cucumbers, cantaloupe, water melons and kale. earlier i had radishes.

i was reminded of the story about the grasshopper fiddling while the ant worked. later that winter the grasshopper had nothing to eat. the ant wouldnt give him any. originally the moral was to honor hard work. now it makes the ant look like he dont want to share.

sometimes people try to make me appear that way. they dont understand i put away food for the year. if i gave it all away i wouldnt have any.  i am far from being rich. i put in all that hard work to save money. and i try to live what i was taught.

we have put away cabbage, nenwezhek, blue berries, black berries, strawberries, green beans, dried corn, green chiles, green peppers, leeks and some rabbit beans. i will dry crooked neck squash when i get enough of them to dry. the mexican kickapoo squash i planted is vining out and flowering.  i always have to have my dried squash.

i am still laughing at some political ads on tv. we are in kansas and many ads promote strengthening the border by building a wall. we are hundreds of miles away from mexico. i dont understand why some politicians have to run on hate. i guess because with many, it actually works. i can see where some indians get that from.

it is ironic that the football season may be cancelled. but they still want kids to go to school. this corona virus thing is far from being over. in the past month, positive cases have risen by almost two million. i try to stay home. too many  cant do that. thats why it is still spreading. hope people will learn they have to work to make it end.