cups n tomatoes

i took a picture of my pendleton cup collection. i need a picture so i dont buy the same design when i shop for a new cup. these cups arent made in pendleton, oregon. the are actually made in thailand. i guess that makes them knockoffs. but they kinda have indian designs on them. horses, buffalos and feathers right?

lotsa people make a buck off selling goods to indians. this has gone on since the old trading post days. some overcharge because they know indians have to buy from them. its like ‘buy from me chief, or go home without’ so you gotta lay your money down.

i was given a few of these pendleton cups as gifts. i had quite a few of them when i started to collect them for the hell of it. i gave some away. i sold a few duplicates and bought others that i didnt have. i usually buy when our gift shop gives a 20% discount to tribal members.

i like these cups because they are the right size for my morning cup of colombian supremo coffee. i dont have a favorite cup. i just grab one and drink my coffee. i add to it when i get some cash like per cap or covid check. now this indian has 24 cups.

my tomatoes arent producing much. i bought 40 pounds of tomatoes off craigslist. i want to make a years supply of hot sauce. i am getting down to my last jars. some of my habaneros are ripening. they are turning orange. the bushes are full but not all are orange yet. i also have jalapenos getting ready. i will use a box of onions i grew.  i prefer my home made hot sauce.

i was picking sema this morning. i seen a hummingbird going after the flowers of the sema plants. the first time i seen a humming bird here was in my sema bed. after that i started putting out feeders. now i have 4 feeders around the yard. i also have a big humming bird vine growing on my tool shed and chicken house. the birds get plenty of nectar at my place.

nothing has bothered my chickens. those hens are fattening up to be soup size. but something is eating up all my cantaloupes. i have some watermelons almost ripe. i hope to get a few before the critters eat them too. the rabbits can fatten up so i can eat them this winter.

some one sent me a link about boarding school survivors. a group called the native american boarding school healing coalition is gonna send a “we love you” care package to the first 1000 to sign up. survivors have to be 60 years old.  i filled out the form. they said they got my request and will check it out.

the packages are to bring ‘joy and healing for them’. if i dont get one, hell with it. nothing will make me forget how cruel those ‘people of God” were. on the other hand if i get the t shirt and some gifts i will take them. beats the hell out of the apology some gave.

gotta do my chores.