new floor almost done

i have to get busy in my bedroom. we were eligible for a tribal grant. we used it to replace the floor in our new master bedroom. some of the joists and underlayment rotted out from water damage. insulation was added  around the concrete footing. plastic was laid down on top of the ground to reduce water evaporation.  treated lumber was used for joists. the floor is solid again. 

our contractor did a real good job. we are glad we went with a native owned business. he has been in business for 25 years. other indian contractors cant do work for the tribe because some dont have the insurance or other things. too bad, i know many can do the same work as non natives. 

we are getting a bid for the floor covering this coming monday. we are going with a interlocking tile that has an oak wood look. it is pictured above. i always wanted a solid wooden floor. because of costs i will get a simulated wood look instead. i can live with that. 

i have to remove the wallpaper trim near the ceiling. after that i gotta patch any nail holes or indentations. i want to paint the bedroom an earth tone to match the new oak look floor. i have to have all that done before the floor contractor comes. i dont want paint dripping on the new floor.

when all that is done, we will move back into our big bedroom. i added it on years ago with equity money we built up from paying off our house. it is 13 and half feet wide by 15 feet long. that is plenty of room. we are not cramped in this room.

we will rearrange the house after that. the grandsons guest room is 10 feet by 8 n 1/2 feet. we will move them into our old bedroom which is 12 feet by 11 feet when they come up for weekends.  we have a bunk bed for them but neither wants to sleep on top bunk. we will separate the beds in their new bedroom. they will have room for their tv and video games.

some people complain about these old hud homes. i dont. i remember growing up on this rez when our house had no electricity, running water or telephones. didnt even have gravel roads. over the years,the cedar shake shingles sprung leaks when it rained. later they were replaced with the 3 tab shingles. it had bare wood siding until a new slate siding was put on.

the old insulation settled to the bottom until new insulation was added. we used a wood stove to heat the house. it seemed like it was still cold sometimes. we didnt have storm windows or screens in them days. nothing to keep out dust or flies. i will never forget our old rez home. that old 24 foot by 24 foot house was one of the first government housing projects n the rez. we added on porches and rooms later.

i lived in this house on my mishos allotment for the past 35 years. thats more than i have lived any where else. we made this a home. we paid all costs on the upkeep of our home. i built a chicken house, tool shed, wood shed, sweat lodge, fireplace and a garden here. i planted 30-40 trees that are 30 to 50 feet high. i never forget my days of bumming around with no place to go and all the time  to get there. i appreciate i have a home.