pass the hot sauce

week ends are when people  kick back and take it easy. when u retired, every day is a week end. or every day is a monday. i spent the  week end getting our bedroom ready for new flooring.

i had a wall paper border around the top of the ceiling. i had to take it off so i could paint. i used a hot water and vinegar solution. i sprayed it on the wall paper. i let it set awhile then scraped it off with a sheet rock knife. if the paper didnt come off easily, i wet it down some more. it came off then. that took most of the day friday.

after i got all the wall paper off, i patched nail holes. i had alot of thumb tack holes to patch too. i also had indentations from what ever. after i patch every thing i used a sanding block to smooth out any imperfections. i got white taping mud dust all over me.

saturday i put a second coat of taping mud on. after it dried i sanded it smooth. i got alot of dust on me again. that was alright because i knew i was ready to paint today.

i picked a light tan paint color.  i bought two gallons of paint. i put the first coat on today. i cut it in first. i painted where the wall meets the ceiling, and just above the floor. i also painted around the light switches and plug ins. i cut in around  windows and doors. then i used a roller to finish the walls and doors.

it looks okay but i can see some of the previous light blue trying to bleed thru. i will add a second coat of paint. that will fix that. i can probably do that before the flooring contractor comes. i get a bid from them and turn it in to housing before they start.

my daughter said she will buy us a new bed. that is to go with our new to us bedroom. i was about to say nah we good but thought why the hell not. i try to help others when i can. i wont turn someone down when they wanna do something for me.

after i was done painting i wasnt done. i made a big pot of hot sauce. i used habanero, anaheim and jalapeno peppers. i put them in with tomatoes, onions and garlic.  i added some vinegar and spices. i grew some of the tomatoes, onions and peppers.

i put them on  the stove and simmered everything together. i want the peppers to add hot to everything else. i will let it set tonight so the flavors blend together. mary will can it tomorrow. i hope i get enough to last all year. i put hot sauce on every thing. or thats what mary and my kids say.

i was busy all weekend. tomorrow i have to mow the lawn. first i have to put things up. got a few screens i dried corn on laying around. and there are some low hanging branches i cut off. there is always work. that keeps me  going. who ever told me they would be bored if they retired aint got no imagination.