done painting

i hope i have enough hot sauce to last me all year. i made 16 pints of it. mary canned it for me. i used some of my habaneros, jalapenos and i even tossed in a few anaheims peppers i grew. i added some of my tomatoes and onions. i tossed in some garlic i bought at the farmers market. i simmered it on the stove and let the tastes blend together overnight. now i see if it lasts me til next year.

i finished putting on the second coat of paint in my bedroom. it looks so much better with the second coat. there is no bleed thru now. it is a solid tan color. today i have to put the electrical covers back on the light switches and plug ins. i have one vent cover to put back on too.

the flooring contractor was here to measure the bedroom for a floor covering. they will send the bid to lowes. then lowes calls me to go over how much it costs etc. i cant wait til that floor covering is done. i can move back into my bedroom. in the mean time i am in the guest bedroom with charley the goldfish.

i sent in my ballot for the tribal runoff elections. i hope it gets counted, trump is trying to sabotage the post office. i always vote. i gotta have hope we get someone in there who works for the tribe. some times we end up with some that are only in it for them selves. no one cared when we were broke ass indians. money has changed too many of our people. it brings out the worst in some of our people.

our people rag on our council all the time. as a result many wont run for office because they dont want to deal with that mentality. when we do get someone good, the charlatans run them out of town. sometimes that leaves us with the choice of picking the lesser of two evils. sometimes we can’t win. such is life eh.

i got a request form for an absentee ballot in the national election in november. i filled it out and sent it in. i have voted since i was 18. the letter i got with the form said my voting record was “average”. voting for 50 years is average?

i dont identify with democrat or republican. i vote for who ever. i was watching the democratic convention last night on tv.  i agree with many of the speakers. i think the only way trump can made america great again is if he gets voted out. indians have had authoritarian politicians like him too many times. we have to put up with them until they are voted out. most tribes are like that.

it is cooler today. the high will be in the low 80s. i will mow my yard now. i will mow when it is hot but i prefer this kind of weather to work in. i have to pick up low hanging branches i cut off. i also have corn husks and cobs in a pile from our corn drying. gotta get busy.