happy birthday mom

today is my mothers birthday. she would be 92 today. she has been gone for about 19 years now. well not really gone because all of her kids and grandkids will never forget her. in that way a part of her will always be with us.

she taught me many things. i can pray in our language because of her. part of her language has already been passed on to the next generation. i grow, pick and save some of our potawatomi foods. i learned that from her. i always think of her when i am drying corn or eating wild onions. happy birthday dear mother.

i dont cook often but i can. last night i made some chicken soup. i used some chicken legs we had in the freezer. they were from the last two chickens we had. the rest were killed off by raccoons. like an old kung fu movie i got my revenge. i trapped the raccoons and killed them even if that goes against my zen nature. the chicken and rice soup was real good. home butchered chicken always taste better.

i am still looking for more chickens to raise for butchering. i check craigslist often. some want way too much for chickens. i also check out lawrence and kansas citys craiglists too. they have more choices and are with in driving distance for me. i may end up buying chicks, which are cheaper, and raising them.

dont know if we done canning yet. we do have 14 quarts of tomatoes, 16 pints of hot sauce and 14 pints of salsa canned. that wont last all year. we will have some saved though. i will be glad this winter when tomatoes cost about a buck apiece and have no taste. we have canned other things besides tomatoes.

i said i voted in our tribal run off election. well maybe i didnt. i put the ballot in the mail box outside the post office. i heard that goes to kansas city even if it is addressed to mayetta. this is at a time when the president is trynna obstruct the post office. so now maybe it wont get back to be counted. or maybe it will.

i dont see why the tribe cant delay counting votes for a week or two. thought we were sovereign or sumthin. getting ballots late, and some didnt get theirs yet, is no fault of the voters. 2/3rds of our eligible voters dont vote. it dont seem right  that some votes of the ones that actually do vote wont count.

i was mowing the yard the other day. i was almost done. i made a sharp turn and the front wheel came off. the retaining ring broke off. it is what holds the wheel onto the front axle. i got a retaining ring from my cousin who fixed my mower a coupla times. i put it on but it popped off. i put it back on and it did that again. now i dont know. maybe i will just call my cousin to fix it. cant afford a new mower right now.

my worm farm is still going. i see the worms when i feed them. they seem to be healthy. i do want to use their worm castings in  my grow boxes. i will have to add new organic matter every year. i have a compost pile but i want worm compost too. it has more nutruients than regular compost. i will try anything to have better crops.

gotta do my chores.