weather gonna warm up

the yard always looks nice after mowing it. i like to walk on it bare foot. we keep glass, sharp objects and any objects off of the lawn. we make sure it is kid safe. we lived in this house for 35 years. the lawn looks real good now. all the bare and uneven spots are filled in. i have trees that provide shade thru out the yard. it takes years to get a place to look like a home.

mary took a train out to california to visit our daughter. wabenokwe had lasik surgery and wasnt suppose to drive a days. mary went to help her until she got over the surgery. it is hot there compared to kansas. she isnt around any of that wild fires smoke.

the grand kids still come over.  i cherish every moment we have together.  we are managing. i have cooked meals and sent out for some. tomorrow i am cooking ham and beans. got beans soaking overnight.

i wanted to go but someone had to stay home and take care of things. i got animals to feed, grand kids to watch and gotta take care of whats left in the garden. i will take a trip at a later time. i dont worry about traveling. i know i will always get a trip in some time.

the other day i didnt know what to cook for breakfast. i went out to the garden and dug up some red potatoes. i fried them and some eggs. i kinda like that i can go out in the front yard and chicken house to find something to eat.

i had to go to town to get more chick starter. of course i wore a mask. the two month old chicks i bought are growing. i have to keep them on starter feed until they are about 14 to 18 weeks old. then i  switch them to all flock or layer. these chicks will start laying by late fall. thats why i got them.

i haven’t hooked up my solar powered lights for the chicken house yet. it has warmed up and will be hot all week. maybe i can do that in the evening. i had to clear an old trellis i had in front of the building. i grew indian beans on them. trouble is a hummingbird vine took over. i had to cut alot of the vines out. next i have to uproot them before i can plant again. first i will put up my solar powered lights.

since i have been staying home these past few months the ups truck rolls in frequently. havent reached the stage where the drivers call me by my first name. nor do they just walk in, put my packages on the table and have a cup of coffee. the delivery trucks do come here alot though.

even out here in the sticks, we can get anything delivered to our door step. who in the old days would have guess that happening on the rez. i still remember holcombs store, the only store on the rez. it was between our house and snows church. we went there a few times for pop if we had any money.

will see what this week brings.