solar powered chicken house eh

i have been picking rabbit beans. i got some. maybe not enough to cook but at least i have seed for next year. its very important to keep the seed stock going. i still have some growing in the corn field. i also have mattwaoshe beans growing there too.

i am getting habanero peppers too. i used some of mine to make a years supply of hot sauce. i have a lot that are still green. they are slowly turning orange. i have jalapeno, anaheim and bell peppers that are starting to ripen. i will store them for this winter. i already have some of them stored away.

one of my nephews posted a picture of the house i grew up in on facebook. i took it decades ago. i was studying photography at haskell. it was a junior college at that time. i got an AA degree in liberal arts from there. i was a photographer for the school paper and year book. i developed film and prints in the dark room. that may age me some what. nobody has done that for years.

that picture reminded me of another time. i was walking over that same hill. i had a view of about half a mile in each direction. i was amazed how that neighborhood had changed since the time i grew up there. there was lotsa tribal development where there used to be empty fields. i know things change but i seen much change on the rez in my lifetime. i lived here before the tribe had money.

i was sent a text message. they were trying to recruit me to call or text voters in swing states. i was kinda interested because i dont like what our government has become. our national leaders are only puppets for special interest groups they are beholding to. they accept deaths caused by the pandemic they didnt do much to stop. they dont seem to care about black citizens being gunned down in the streets.

i was sent a link to get training for this voter drive. i seen that it was on zoom. i dont really do zoom. that kinda ended that. i will vote though. i already sent off for an absentee ballot. i will deliver it to the court house. i want to be sure my vote gets there.

i finally hooked up the solar powered lights in my chicken house. i had the solar cells charging for some time. they have a battery to store power. i turned the lights on after i installed them inside the chicken house. they work. i will use them this winter to keep the chickens laying eggs. they dont lay as much when the day light hours are shorter. lights will fix that.

now i am thinking of getting some solar power for my tool shed. i dont have power running to this shed. i want enough juice to run my power tools like saws and drills. i can have lights in this shed too. i will take my time shopping around til i find the best deal.

gotta renew our tribal tags.