more green chiles

went to the farmers market in topeekie. i seen on facebook that one stand was roasting anaheim peppers. i thought we could use more green chiles. i went to that stand to get some. they said i had to buy 6 boxes to get them roasted. otherwise i would have to wait til someone else bought some.

i asked how much for 6 boxes. they said $15. i bought them and said i will be back to pick them up. they said it would take out 7 minutes. i was fine with that.  i picked them later. the girl said to leave them in the plastic bag about an hour and they would peel themselves. i thanked her and was headed back to the rez.

mary just got back this morning. she had a long train ride but she helped me. we scraped off the remainder of the outer skin. then we cut the peppers open and scraped out the seeds. then we diced the peppers up. after we were done with that mary used our food saver thing. it sealed the  peppers into bags so we could freeze them. we ended up with about 6 pounds of green chiles. we will add that to what we already have stored away.

one might wonder why this country indian wants so many green chiles stored away for the coming year. i developed a taste for green chiles while traveling in the southwest a number of times. i like spicy food anyway. i put hot sauce i make on many things i eat. we had enough to last us most of this past year. we will have enough to last this year too.

i had mary score me some chicharrons when she passed thru Albuquerque. her brother brought them to her. i really like the taste of them with a little hot sauce. they sell pork skins at the farmers market but they dont taste like these.

i was complaining bout my internet. i called the company and they came to check it out. the technician replaced my router box. he said they only lasts a few years. now my internet works good. i can watch tv without it hanging. i was listening to pandora radio on my tv while we were doing the green chiles. i was jamming while working.

when my internet was freezing up i couldnt get roku channels very good. and i couldnt watch amazon prime. netflix was okay though. now i can get in some television watching when i am working.

i was waiting for a bid on our flooring project. some dudes were here over a week ago. they said they would send the bid. i patiently waited and no bid. i called the company and asked where my bid was. they said it just came in. they would get back to me. they better. i want to move back into my big bed room. my grandson asked when i was moving back to my room. the guest room is his. he wants me out.

will see what this coming week brings.

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