see you in september

i am probably lucky i am a home body. this year because of covid there is remote learning. my grand daughters go to school part of the time. they spend the rest of the week with us, their grand parents. i am happy to get that bonding experience with them.

i always say i want to teach my grand kids. i have that opportunity now. they say parents as teachers. you can add ‘grandparents as teachers’ to that. grand parents were and always are teachers. children that grow up with multi generations teaching tend to learn more.

the grand sons come to stay with us on weekends. i showed andrew my solar powered lights in the chicken house. he said ‘thats pretty neat’ after i flipped the on switch. the lights came on.  i got his seal of approval.

summer is winding down. it will be fall in a few weeks. my garden is still hanging in there. i still have peppers growing. i have some leeks that are almost ready to pick. i already put some of them away. my first batch of cucumbers are drying up but i planted a second grow box of them. i just picked 5 fresh cucumbers off the new plants.

i bought some garlic from the farmers market. i separated the cloves. i am gonna plant them soon. garlic grows better if planted in the fall. it will be ready to be picked next summer.  i want to use my own fresh garlic cloves in cooking.

i cut open a yellowing cucumber. i seen an article about saving seeds. it said a yellowing cucumber is the one to use for seed saving. i just happened to have one.  i spooned the seeds out. i have them soaking in rain water. after a few days i will put them on a paper towel to dry. when they are dry i will store them. i will plant them next growing season. saving seeds saves money. the plants grow better too after they adjust to the environment they grow in.

i am amazed how much better my computer and television is running. the internet guy installed a new router. i dont know why the hell they didnt do that the last few times i complained about the service. i have been with them several years. i am a good customer. that gotta count for something. anyway i am getting much better service.

i thought with better internet i can get my playlists back on my iphone. i redown loaded itunes. i still couldnt get my lists to transfer to my phone. i called apple support. i was transferred about 5 times. no it wasnt a tribal program. after an hour i got a technician that helped me out. i was on the phone with him for another 40 minutes. i finally got my songs to transfer to my phone. it was worth the hassle of waiting all that time. i gotta have my music. now i gotta recreate the rest of my playlists.

waiting on my flooring bid.