boarding school survivors day

today is boarding school survivors day. i honor the day because i survived that experience.  i put on my t shirt i bought at one of our pow wows or maybe the last Potawatomi gathering we had. it was at the stand next to mine. it was run by a lady from pokagan band. when i seen this shirt i had to have it.

i put this shirt on the other day. the group that sent the care package to boarding school survivors asked for a picture. so i took a picture of me holding the package with my shirt on. i sent it to them and they asked if they could use it in their publications. i said sure.

i forgot to mention that most of the items in the package were produced by indian owned businesses or organizations. today i am wearing the socks from an indian owned business. i used many of the items in the package. i appreciate that some one cares about kids that went thru all that.

i posted a picture on facebook about survivors day. it opened a dialogue with people. i thought that was what social media was about. the ability to communicate with others and to interact with them. i dont get on there just to whine about something.

i went to my quarterly lab and med check up this morning. i do this as a precaution. i want to fix any problems i have before they get bad. the doctor upped a couple of my meds. gotta stay on top of things.

i have only walked one time since my last lab test.  we were watching grand daughters for the summer. i got out of my routine. i aint blaming them. i let it go one day, then two, then three. its hard to get started up again. i will get back on track. its more than just exercise. i also have to watch what i eat. its too easy to drink a pop or eat candy. diabetics aint suppose to do that.

i watched the presidential debate last night. well it was hardly presidential. it didnt do anything to change my mind on who i am voting for. it did provide me with some entertainment though. i laughed and cussed. at least the presidents people got his tan looking better. he didnt look so orange and the white spaces around his eyes werent as visible.

it reminded me of some of the indian politicians we have had over the years. we had some that just bully everyone else too. they do it as long as they can get away with it. and we had some that believed that just because they said something, it was true. their word was law. kinda like this president. we had politicians like him many times.

i will have to take down my humming bird feeders. i havent seen any activity near the feeders. no doubt the birds have flown south.  its too late in the season. they are long gone. i will put away the feeders until next year. they will be back. i like to watch them. thats why i keep feeders.

gotta get some chores done before the nba playoffs tonight.

boarding school survivors

today i got a care package from the national native american boarding school healing coalition. some one sent me an app awhile back to request a package. at first i thought f that. i dont wanna remember boarding school.  i have done my best to block it out. then i thought why the hell not. while nothing can undo what i went thru in boarding school, it is nice to know there is someone out there who cares bout the young kids like me that were sent off to boarding school.

i forgot bout sending off for that package. i felt like oh well. it did say the first one thousand to reply. i figured i wasnt one of the thousand.  then today mary and i both got a package. i forwarded the app to her so she could apply too. i said wow we actually did get a package. we arent used to getting anything free. usually the ones at the front of the line get everything.

i opened the package. it had a card that said we love you. i checked out the literature. it was about the group that sent this package to boarding school survivors. i went thru the box. it had coffee, wild rice, a pair of socks, face masks, sage soap, sage lip balm,  a milk chocolate bar from NAFOA (my daughter belongs to that), a tanka bar (buffalo meat with cranberries), huckleberry jam and a bag of candy.

that wasnt all. it also had a coffee cup from the boarding school organization.  i got a bag with sage and a sprig of cedar. i lit some of the sage to honor their gift of it. and i got a devils club rub for a variety of ailments. there was a small bag of indian tea that looked like labrador tea. and i got a small tobacco bag. there was a bag of three sisters seeds in the box too.

we both got a fry bread mix package. i told mary to use it tonight. we had already planned on making spam and frybread sandwiches for the chiefs game. we had some at the sisseton pow wow. havent had any since. tomorrow we are going to drink some of the coffee for breakfast. my uncle said to use any gifts you get. i always do to remember he told me that.

after seeing all that was in the box i felt grateful. i thought i was great that there was an organization that focused on boarding school survivors. i do know now there is a national day–september 30th–to honor survivors. i bought an orange t shirt to wear on that day.

i remember once our tribe was gonna pay someone to come here to talk about boarding school. dont know what they were thinking.  too many on this rez have gone to boarding school. what could some one from some where else tell us. i read articles by people who havent been there but become spokespersons about it. they never got beatings from priests or nuns. nor were they shamed just for being indian so they dont really know what it feels like.

i was glad there was no christian symbols in the package. we had been indoctrinated in christianity at boarding school. we were forced to believe what they wanted us to believe. some super tradish indians today try to force what they believe on every one else. they cant even begin to understand some of us have already been thru that.

my wife went to a boarding school that has reunions. not the boarding school i went to. i ran across people i knew from there. we were glad to see each other still alive. we didnt reminisce about the old days at school. i met many others in bars. a lot of us became alcoholics and/or drug abusers. i met some when i work in prisons, they were doing time.  i met others in the militant days of aim.   most i knew had returned to native traditions. perhaps in defiance of boarding school. others i knew met violent deaths.

that box of goodies made me flash back thru the years. i remember much of the ugliness of the boarding school experience. but i know i survived that. i was glad someone cared.

late pickings

i am still picking some things. it has been a mild late summer. fall has only been here for bout a week. i am picking cucumbers, tomatoes, indian beans, jalapenos, habaneros, anaheims and green peppers. i have some potatoes in the ground i havent dug up yet. and i have a few crooked neck squash growing.

i cut off the stems and scooped out the seeds of the bell peppers. i diced them up and filled a freezer bag with them. i put them in the freezer. i put some of them in a canning jar with a lid. we will use those for cooking now. i froze the hot peppers. i will use them if i run out of my hot sauce.

i don’t know why but i hadnt been logging any miles. my sister came over the other day. we went for a two mile walk. the  first walk is always the hardest to get. now that i started walking again, i will log my miles. the weather is perfect for it. temps in the 70s and 80s. that is good walking weather.

i have been drinking the indian tea i put away. it is a good all around tonic. i used to drink it back when i was younger. we didnt have pop so i drank indian tea. now i drink it again in the place of pop. i have enough to last me until it will be time to pick it again next year.

i forgot that friday was ‘native american day’.  i missed the parade. or was there one?  maybe i shoulda called my native american friends and wished them a happy native american day. well that gotta wait til next year now.

one of my sisters and her grand kids are gonna come get some of my corn stalks. i said sure. be glad to get rid of the stalks. it will save me from pulling them up. eventually i have to get them out of the ground anyway. usually i just burn the field off. i am moving my garden to another spot next year.

i only have about70 pages left to read in my book. i have been busy, didnt get a chance to finish it. i get tired of this presidents lies.  maybe thats why i havent read any lately.  to be honest i dont trust most politicians. too many of them lie.  i do hope this present administration is voted out though. if they wont do anything for the majority they should be voted out.

the leaves on my trees are just starting to turn brown. perhaps this year i will head to the timber to hunt for squirrels or wild turkey. i like to walk around in the timber. sometimes i take a camera to get pictures. at the very least i get in a good walk and take in fresh air. i havent been out to check on paw paws. maybe i am too late.

what will this week bring.

no flea market for me

i have been trynna get a orange sunset picture. the smoke from the too many wild fires created photo ops. i just cant get a good one and i have tried several times.  this one will have to do i guess.

there is a flea market in the amish town i go to in missourah. i kinda wanted to go to it but couldn’t see that 4 hour round trip drive. i have taken a few day trips already for an auction and to buy a dresser. the flea market is today and tomorrow. i havent been to that flea market so i dont know what it is like. i might be missing out on a good deal.

another reason i would have went was to look for crooked neck squash. i bought big 20 pound squash from them before. i dried alot of it the past few years and still have some left. i might have enough to last me til next year.  so that aint a pressing need.

i have a few crooked neck squash growing in the corn field. i will dry them if they get bigger. the  mexican kickapoo squash has flowered but hasn’t produced any fruit. i am hoping i get some to dry because i really like the taste of it.

yesterday we seen a covey of quail walking past the chicken house and heading toward our kitchen window. had to be bout a dozen of them.  i got a coupla pictures. i  was surprised to see quail in the back yard. if i had a .410 they wouldnt be this close. i havent seen many big coveys of quail lately. their numbers are down. i remember seeing 40-50 in coveys on the rez. sometimes more.

we were told that if you rub a quails foot on a babys foot, that kid will become a fast runner. i did that with all my kids, and it was done to some of my grand kids.

i was given some year old red elm seedlings. i will transplant some of them around the yard. i gave some away last time i got them to share the wealth. i tried to get ahold of some of the same guys to see if they wanted more. i didnt get an answer.

i think its important to try to keep our elm trees growing. we need the wood to keep our sacred fire going. potawatomis only lived north into canada as far as there were elm trees for that reason. they also sent a delegation to check this land we would own in kansas. they accepted it when they seen there were elm trees here. little bits of history i heard.

i suggested planting elm trees to others in the past and didnt get a reaction. i dont force my opinion or beliefs on others. i will plant these trees and see what happens. some of the ones i transplanted a few years back are now 10 feet tall.  i lost a couple. they will produce seeds after a few years. then nature takes over.

gotta get busy.

took another ride

we went for another ride today.  we left early this morning.  i wanted to get some dressers to keep the boys clothes in. i checked out dressers at a few stores in topeekie. i didnt like the high price tag on them. i checked out craigslist. i found this antique oak dresser for $75.  i had to drive an hour and a half to pick it up. then the same amount of time to drive home. that was still cheaper than buying new.

the dresser fit in the back of the rav4. i knew it would i had the measurements.  i had the back seats down.  i am gonna keep an eye on craigslist and on auction sites for a couple more dressers. i wanna get more solid wood dressers like this one.

i got my iphone re-connected to my cars system. for awhile it wouldnt work. i messed with it until i got it working.  i think cussing made that happen. that made the drive more pleasant. i was able to jam to my music all the way there and back.

on the way down and back we drove past lawrence. i like to drive down mass street whenever i am in town. on the way back we did.  we drove past haskell. i went there numerous times when it was a junior college. that was in my heavy drinking days.  i did finally get an A.A. degree from haskell.

we got back to topeekie early afternoon. i decided to go look for another dresser. didnt find any but i did hit a flea market. i found a coupla of cds to add songs to my playlists. they want too much for cds. i only want a song or two off each disc. i have most of my music i want.

i also found some 3 ply rug yarn for a buck apiece. it is hard to find that yarn. unless i  pay too much for it off ebay or amazon for one skein plus shipping. they quit making 3 ply so every one over charges for it.  i bought the bargain yarn for the roaches i make. i use it as a base to sew the hair onto.

i got an email from amazon. it was after i bought my new book. the email said i was getting a refund. i thought alright they appreciating this faithful customer. they credited my account 1 cent. buying from them is really paying off eh.

i havent finished reading my book yet. only picked it up a coupla times. i am tired of reading bout that president we have. well actually most politicians can get away with lying. this guy just takes it to an extreme.

next month there will be a demo derby in horton. my bros an i used to party in that town back in high school. there was a bar we went to called edgetown. it isnt there anymore. i told my grandsons i would take them to this demo derby. they havent been to one. i heard there will be about 4 or 5 indians that will be driving in this. i dont know who all’s driving but i will get to see them. i think the grandsons will have fun watching.

gotta get some reading in.

floor is done, new bed ordered, watching football

was out again today. what got us off the rez was shopping for a new bed. we went to a coupla places. we liked the second place. the mattress was firm but not too firm. not trying to be papa bear. there was a remote on the mattress. i asked what it was. the salesman was happy to show us.

we were laying down on the mattress and that dude raised the head part. he said say stop when it gets to about where we watch tv. we did. it felt good. i thought i wouldnt need a two pillows to watch tv. they make my neck sore. then he raised the  foot part. i liked that too. i was about to get up when he said wait. he lowered both and said see how this feels. i could feel my back stretching out. it felt good. i was sold. we ordered that setup.

the salesman said it would take 4 to 6 weeks for it to be delivered and set up.  he added it would most likely be sooner. thats okay. we liked the set up so much we are willing to wait. by then i may find a head board for the bed. he said its best to attach the head board direct to the wall with two sided tape. there wouldnt be a space for the pillow to fall in between. the head board would only be for looks. most likely will get an oak head board.

our floor is done thats why we were shopping for a bed. our daughter and son said they would help pay the cost of a new bed. we found the bed. our old bed will be in our guest bedroom. the grand sons will sleep in it when they come for weekends.

yesterday we went to lawrence to watch andrew play flag football. he had two games. we sat in our lawn chairs or do we call them pow wow chairs now. it was a nice day to sit outside and get fresh air. andrews team lost both games. the other teams had more players that looked like they played before. our kids looked like they were just starting out. he had fun and liked that we came out to support him..

i picked more indian beans. they are in the corn field. i got more mattwaoshe and rabbit beans. some were about to pop open. when that happens the beans fall to the ground and you are out of luck. i picked them in time to save them. next year i will plant more. maybe have some growing on the trellis by my chicken house.

it is decided we are gonna butcher the hybrid chickens. they are called hy-line browns. they are developed for ‘superior’ egg laying. not these ones. i have 11 hens. the most we get in one day is 4 eggs. some days only one or two.

some one wondered why i prefer rhode island reds. my last batch of 14 reds laid anywhere from 6 to a dozen eggs a day. every day. i would have surplus eggs i would sell and use that to buy feed. these hybrids are sure pok ttit. they cant roost and just learned to lay eggs in the egg boxes. i had to build a ramp for them to get to the egg boxes. i will fatten them up for soup this winter.

gotta finish reading my new book.

off to an auction

i went to an auction today. it was a two hour drive out to salina. mary rode with me to keep me company. we drove across the rez to the delia road. we headed south to rossville then hit I-70.  we went past farm land for a peaceful drive.

we got to salina in time to inspect the items before the auction started. i seen a brass kettle but it had a hole in it. i didnt bother bidding on it. i seen other ‘indian’ items like kachina dolls and beadwork that i passed on also. they werent in great shape. thats why i like to see what condition the items are in.

i scored a few items. probably spent more than i wanted but i got what i wanted. i copped a woody crumbo print titled ‘flute dancer’.  for the few who are wondering who the hell is woody crumbo. goggle him. no, just kidding. he is a potawatomi artist who passed away bout 30 years ago. i had to get this framed and matted print when i seen it.

i also got a  3 foot long birch bark canoe. it reminds me of our people when we lived on the lakes and rivers. canoes and walking were our modes of transportation.  i am talking early history. later we got horses. this canoe is a fine piece of artwork.

i got a matted and framed print by an artist named carol griggs. it is called ‘bringing hejira home’. it measures bout 6 feet by 2 and a half feet.  i copped it for $20.  it would cost more to mat or frame any picture. hell yeah thats why i go to auctions.

i aint saying the crumbo or the griggs is an original. there is a show called antiques roadshow. on it some buy an item real cheap and it ends up worth mucho dinero. that dont happen to me. i am just saying i got some nice art to hang on the walls of my humble home.

i waited for them to put a buffalo hide up. that is why i went to this auction. i hung around another hour until it finally came up. i inspected it a coupla times. i seen it had a big hole in it. it was tattered in another spot. it also had a stain. i thought good. i knew it wouldnt go high like what some hides are selling for. most start at bout $850 and go up from there.

me and this other dude were the only ones that were bidding on it. i didnt hesitate when it was my bid. the other dude did at $100. then i knew i had it. i ended up with the hide for $120.

some one might wonder why the hell this indian wants an old hide with a hole in it.  i will patch the hole with an old hide i bought for my sweat lodge. pack rats tore it up. after i fix this one up i will use it as a door for my sweat lodge. my bros behind the walls wanted a buffalo hide for their  lodge door and i couldnt score them one. i did help them get a buffalo skull.  i will think of them whenever i use this hide.

our tribe gives our hides away. once i was offered two hides that were in a plastic bag for several days when it was real hot. i said i didnt have time to work on them. they said if i didnt take them they would throw them away. so i took them. i soaked them in water one day. i tried scraping one and just tore big holes in the hide cuz it was too far gone. that was the only time i was offered any of our buffalo hides. they usually give them to other tribes.

we came back on hwy 24. we drove over bridges and box culverts i helped build. we even past by the old college that was on Potawatomi land that the jesuits scammed off us. we stopped to see the pay station museum but it was close. we got home and i put away my auction goods. it was a good day trip.

smoke n read

i just got my new book by bob woodward in the mail today. i also got my cuban cigar. a tourist straight off a cruise ship in cancun bought it for me. i havent smoked a cigar in a year or two but hey this is a cuban. i probably paid more than it is worth but it is worth every penny to me. cant score one from our rez smoke shop.

the best cuban cigar i ever smoked was in a cancun night club called coco bongo. one of the workers asked me if there was anything i wanted. i said yeah a cuban cigar. he said it would be $15. he disappeared for bout 15 minutes and showed up with a fine cigar. i tipped him $5. it was worth it. i smoked it for a few hours while enjoying the show.

its too bad i didnt put up the hammock i bought in belize.  i would be reading,  smoking  and drinking a cup of colombian supremo coffee while swinging in the shade of trees i planted. this indian aint rich but knows how to enjoy a simple life.

speaking of coffee i ordered another 5 pound bag of fresh roasted colombian supremo coffee beans. i order fresh beans every per cap. so for bout $200 a year i can have a pot of coffee made from fresh ground beans every morning. sometimes i can have two pots. that is less than a dollar a day. that is sure cheaper than starbucks and even mcdonalds. i wouldnt trade my coffee for any other.

our flooring was delivered today. i got a call from lowes saying they were on the way.  their gps took them to my nieces house over on the west forty.  not the first time gps has done that. i told the guy to come back up to the first house. i helped him unload. he said i didnt have to. i said keeping busy is what keeps me going.

the flooring people will be here tomorrow. they will get the job done in several hours.  actually they said a one day job but it wont take that long at all. they will also put on the base board. it has an oak look. we can move back into my big bedroom as soon as they pull out of the driveway. it will be like a new room to us.

tomorrow the tribe is gonna post a flu shot schedule. i get a flu shot every year. i will get one again this year. especially this year cuz of the covid. that doctor fauci that some dont wanna listen to said to make sure to get one this year. i will listen to him before i listen to some one who wouldnt hesitate to drink the kool aid. i will wait before taking that rushed vaccine they promising by election day. they gonna test it on indians. that ought to tell you something.

i was driving around last week end copping some road time. i seen a couple of places that were wineries. it make me wonder how kansas wine stacked up against—say french or italian wine. i dont know if anyone has ever said ‘if you going thru kansas, make sure you get me a bottle of that kansas wine’. or maybe they have. i dont know. havent drank wine in a coupla decades.

temperatures have cooled down. we turned off the central air and opened the doors. we like fresh air going thru the house. we are lucky to have that. folks out west are dealing with smoke.

i gotta get to reading. i bet i have that book done before the week end is over.


happy per cap to me

today my per cap hit the bank. i aint running to town to spend it. it is in the bank and will cover expenses as they occur. it is not the full amount we normally get. that is to be expected with the casino partially open because of the covid. i am glad i  got some thing. dont wanna sound like the ones that whine about every damn little thing. any extra cash a retired person gets is always welcomed.

speaking of extra cash, i had a check waiting for me. i dropped my roach off at the tribal office to be photographed. the photograph will be displayed during the construction going on at the casino. after i delivered the roach, i got my check for the licensing fee. hoolay. that plus the gift card my roach won for 1st place made me some righteous bucks.

still aint running to town. i am thinking bout buying a new nikon camera though. the nikon coolpix P500 i own is a simple point and shoot. i get fair enough pictures from it. maybe i will sell that used camera. it is safe to say photography is a hobby of mine. i have taken over 15,000 pictures. i know a better camera will take better pictures. good cameras do make a difference. if i find a good deal i am on it.

i had to feed my critters before i dropped off my roach. my grand daughters spend part of the week with us. one helps me feed my animals. she said ‘misho you got a lot of animals to feed– chickens, worms, a dog and a fish’. i agreed. i like it when my grand kids see the chores i do. it teaches responsibility to care for animals.

i havent bought any books lately. out of curiosity, i ordered the bob woodward book “rage”. i have heard excerpts from the book for some time now. the book will be delivered to my house this thursday. i probably will have it read in a few days.

i wont be shocked by anything in the book.  dont need to read the book to know he down played the corona virus. i figured that. nothing this president does or says surprises me. he reminds me of some of the indian politicians we had. the ones that lied to us all the time, or abused their power. this guy attacks every one else to build himself up. we had leaders like that. nothing new to us.

i got a call from the flooring people. the materials will be delivered by thursday. that will be the flooring and the new base board.  the flooring will be a one day job and be done on friday.   i am anxious to have it finished. i wanna move back into my room. it will be roomier since i tore out shelves and a closet. i will leave them out. i want the extra room.

the flooring lady asked if i was gonna do any painting. i said it was already done. we added new drapes to the room too. it will be like a new room to us. our tv will operate better too since our internet is working better.

i can t wait til all is done.

deer and otter

i was driving acoss the rez.  got to if i go anywhere from my house. i seen a few deer.  not unusual this time of year. a couple were just down the road from us. then i seen two young ones by the clinic. i didnt see any doe around. it was probably watching us.

thing is none of the deer seemed spooked by the car. i backed the car up so i could take a picture. we were just the other side of the fence from them. they just looked at us. they wont last long.

young guys used to bring me deer meat. it spoiled me and i quit hunting. that aint happened in years now.  once a guy stopped by and asked if i wanted one. temps were like 20 degrees. i didnt want to clean any while it was that cold. i said no thanks. that was the last time i was offered any. a friend that always brought me some passed away. and i wont shoot one by road hunting.

i found a country store out in the middle of nowhere. it had hides for sale. i seen some otter hides. i checked them out. one was for $100 and they had two for $95. that is a real good price. i didnt buy any because i still have one. i will think about that though. i might still go back and buy one. cant afford to pass on that price. i wont ever seen them priced like that again.

i checked my field garden out. i found a coupla pods of mattwaoshe beans. i saved them. more are still growing. i have to pick my indian beans whenever they are ready. if i dont, they will pop open and the seeds fall to the ground. i want to save them.

i did see i have a few crooked neck squash growing. they arent very big but it is still early. i didnt see any of my mexican kickapoo squash. it flowered earlier. i hope it makes it. i really like the taste of those squash. i want to dry squash if i get any.

my sisters said they havent found any crooked neck. a lady that one sister always got crooked necks from said she didnt get any this year. it may be one of those years. i know there are times i have hundreds of squash and years i have none.

i havent smoked in some time. i will break that soon. for one time anyway. i am waiting on a cuban cigar. when i get it i will snip the end off and slowly smoke that cigar. i think i once said i would only smoke if i had a cuban cigar. life is too short to smoke those black and milds i used to smoke.

i was talking to a coupla my nieces. i remarked bout how native women like to pluck their eyebrows. i joked that during this down time from the covid that indian women should let their eyebrows grow back. they both said they were doing that. i was only kidding but they werent.

i watched the ku football game last night. i was real optimistic about the season. my  hopes kinda faded watching that first half. i didnt watch second half. oh well i am still jayhawk fan.