nearing fall now

finally got my bid for new flooring after waiting two weeks. i called a coupla times. they didnt have the flooring i wanted so i had to choose another one. it is a durable vinyl flooring that is water proof.  i also got a bid for new base board.  they said it is best to replace the old and they will gladly sell it to me. the flooring and trim isnt real wood but it looks good. real wood cost too much.

i took the bid to our housing department. i told them the contractor wont start until they got their money in hand. housing said they would send the bid on to finance and will let me know when they cut the check. i hope that dont take too long.

i was told it could take up to a month to get my flooring done because of the covid. i gotta wait, aint got a choice in the matter. i was all anxious to get back to the big bedroom i added onto the house years ago. i gave it two coats of paint. i also hung up the new drapes mary bought. now we have more time to shop for the new bed my daughter will buy us.

i am moving back to my old bedroom we had before i built the new one.  it was called the master bedroom. the one i added is larger though.  it will be ready for the boys when i do move after my floor is done. the small guest bedroom i am staying in now is too small. it is 10 feet by 8 and a half feet.  gotta have more room than that.

i sent off an application for a care package thing bout 3 weeks ago. a group was doing that for boarding school survivors. it was for the first thousand that sent it in. i sent it on the first day. they said they would contact me if they had any questions. i havent heard anything so i probably aint getting a package. oh well. wont be the first time i didnt get something.

i also got in my application to have a picture of my award winning roach displayed. it will be in the casino renovation project. i will get paid a $200 licensing fee to have my work shown. righteous bucks. i gotta wait til the other artists get their apps in. then the will notify me to take my roach to get it photographed. i can then pick up my check when i drop it off. hell yeah.

the new hybrid chickens i bought are finally learning to use the egg boxes i built. they always layed eggs in the corner on the ground. now they found the boxes i built. thats easier to pick them up. i hope they learn to roost in the rafters.  the chicks i bought are roosting on a rack i made for them. once the new chicks start laying eggs i will butcher some of the hybrid chickens. they kinda dumb.

gotta start moving my things to the other bedroom. always busy.