be whatever you wanna be

i always remember some thing a native brother told me when i was working behind the walls. i mentioned to him something another guy told me that may have been exaggerated. he answered “i find that in here, anyone can be anything they want to be”.

i kinda had to laugh at that. it reminded me of alot of people out here. some can make up a history and  pass it off as fact. they can be any thing they wanna be. its as simple as saying you are what ever it is you want people to believe. whether it is true or not.

i have heard some say they have lived on the rez their entire life. they forget the years they lived in town i guess. living on the modern rez with a casino, hotel, golf course, convenience store, tribal offices, police and  fire departments,  clinic and housing projects with paved roads is nothing like living on the rez in the old days.

i hear others talk bout how tradish they were their whole life. they say this to put themselves in a teachers’ or respected elders’ role. this is just a few years after finally discovering who and what they were. it is easy to talk a good game. it’s much harder to actually live the life.

i am hearing way too many political promises.  politicians  tell us how much they are going to help all of us.  i wonder why now when they were already  in a position to do so. we are so used to being lied to that we just accept we are going to be lied to. my great uncle said ‘dont tell people what you are going to do, show them what you are going to do’.

i find it a little ironic that in a country founded (after the indians were pushed away) on protest it is now almost illegal to protest. there have been hundreds of protests in cities thru out the country (and the rest of the world) during this administration. it isnt one issue. people are protesting the killing of blacks, school shootings, the caging of mexican children, religious and racial bigotry, opening public lands to oil interests, giving the rich tax breaks and more money,  etc.

most protests are peaceful. some may riot and loot but the majority dont. this gives the government the right to tear gas and rubber bullet the protesters. they tested this strategy on indians. more attention is paid to the damage done in protests. our government wont look at the reason why there are protests nor do they attempt to fix the problems.  i hope all the protesters and the ones that are being oppressed get out and vote. i know i will.

i was in town the other day. i seen a dude at a corner with a sign asking for help. i dont always give because i know i cant help everyone. but i gave a few bucks to this guy. he thanked me by saying ‘ God bless you brother’.  i said and you too. he just nodded his head.

some think every one with a sign is trying to scam. there are many in this country that do actually need help. millions are out of work and many homeless. how do we tell them they are living in the greatest country in the world.  i think it is good mojo to give to those that need help. i dont think i could stand for hours holding a sign.

4 day weekend. but im retired. every weekend is a 4 day weekend.