labor day cook out

labor day is another reason to have a cook out. i can go along with that. my family will get together. my daughter wont make it home though. my sons and grand kids will be here.

we will grill hot dogs, steaks and spare ribs. we buy all our meat from the meat locker.  it has a better taste than from the grocery. there will be plenty of other food too. chips, baked beans etc. i have one watermelon that we grew. it is sweet.

i like grilled jalapeno peppers. i usually fix them but some one else grills them. i picked some last night. they didnt get real big but they will taste good. i scoop out the seeds and stuff them with cheese. i wrap some partly cooked bacon around that. i put a tooth pick thru it to hold it together. it is put on the grill to finish the bacon and melt the cheese.

i built a rack in front of my egg boxes. now the hybrid chickens lay eggs in the boxes. they can hop up the rack to the boxes. before they would only lay eggs on the ground. i still have the now 3 month old rhode island red and barred rock chicks separated from the older hens. i dont want the older ones to peck the hell out of the chicks.

later i will put bands on the red island red chicks i got this year. i dont want to confuse them with the hybrids. i usually dont mark my chickens but there were years when i didnt know which chickens were the old ones. now i will know which ones should be done laying.

i had to fill up my humming bird feeders. i doubt if i will have to do that again. i dont think they will be around much longer. they usually leave around the middle of september.  i want them to fill up and be ready for where ever they go from here.

i mowed the yard before the cook out starts. i wasnt sure about the mower. a retaining clip broke off early this summer. i got a similiar clip from my cousin who worked on my mower. it came off 3 times while i mowed last time. i didnt think it was the right clip so i ordered a replacement pin off the internet. it only cost $7.30 for two of them.

i put it on and mowed today. no problem. it held. probably because it is the right replacement pin for my mower. cant use one that is close enough. i found that didnt work. now my mower is running again. i am glad i dont have to put any more money into repairing it. i had to pay to get it rewired after a pack rat chewed the wires up. then i had to get another carb kit. gas leaked out but the kit fixed that.

now i glad i dont have any more repair problems. my repair bills are still cheaper than the cost of a new mower. i probably wont be mowing too many more times this year. it will be time to park the mower. i have an anti pest device under the hood of the mower. it beeps and sends out a strobe light. that is suppose to keep the critters from chewing my wires etc.

gotta get the  jalapenos ready for the cook out.