hummingbirds were hungry

i filled up my humming bird feeders. the next day i had humming birds every where. they know they got a long flight ahead of them in a little while. i tried to get a good picture of them. that is harder to do than you would think. at least for me. i took dozens of shot to get a few. some frames were blank. they fly off so fast.

the jalapenos i grew were hot. we grilled some on labor day. i didnt think they would be that hot. i scraped all the seeds out and tossed them on top of the compost pile. i went back out there and gathered some of the seeds to keep. these peppers have the right kick to them. i will grow them again next year.

i saved some of my cucumber seeds too. i am still picking some of them. i had a early and a late crop. i will plant them again next year. plants that adept to the environment produce better.   i will miss eating them sliced up. they just wont taste the same this winter.

i added composted manure to the grow box where my lettuce grew. i turned the soil over. i then added some potting soil to that. mid fall is the best time to plant garlic.  i got anxious and planted my garlic cloves in that box. i bought the garlic at the farmers market.  i want to have fresh garlic next summer. we use garlic in our cooking.

i only have a few things growing in my garden now. i have some anaheim, habanero, jalapeno and green peppers still on the plant. i picked a quart and a half of habaneros. i probably have  or 4 times that on the plants. they are still green. i will freeze some whole anaheims. we already roasted and diced some. we put them in food processor bags and froze them.

i recently planted sweet potatoes. i started the slips from sweet potatoes i grew last year. those came from slips the previous year. so this will be the third year i grew them. dont know if they will make it. maybe. i thought some almanac said it may be a mild winter. usually it dont get cold til october. or later.

i picked all my leeks i had left. i got about a dozen of them. i will dice them up and freeze them. i will add them as flavoring when we cook. they sure make turtle taste good. i only have one turtle in the freezer. i will add these leeks to the hand full i already put away.

i have been watching the nba play offs. i dont have a favorite team. i just like watching the best play. tomorrow i will watch the kansas city chiefs play. i sure wont miss the tomahawk chop. that was lame. world champs should show class and not come off as backward hicks.

i gots to run to town. i am taking the check to the flooring people. then the clock starts. i think they said it will be about a 30 day wait to get our flooring done. i can wait but i am sure wanting to move back into our bedroom i built. it is real roomy.

i might even get an oil change whilst in town. this indian aint been off the rez in some time. yeah i will wear a mask.