nearing fall season

we watched the kansas city chiefs play football last night. i took a picture in front of the tv and sent it to my grandsons. they took one too and sent it to me. we are for the chiefs.

we had buffalo wings for the game. we also had a crock pot full of pinto beans. i bought some avocados but didnt make any guacamole. we had plenty for our pregame meal.

watching the world champion chiefs play was a good diversion from the covid,  political ads, forest fires etc. i liked that the players stood in unity. it was a statement like the nba that they are against our police state shooting down black people (as well as other minorities).

i agree with them. cant be silent about the injustice. protests havent stopped that brutality yet. i know not all cops are bad. some even knelt down with protestors around the country. how many more have to die for the systematic racism to stop.  our government hasnt done anything except to diminish protests to acts of rioting and looting. that is not a true picture of what it is really about.

it was refreshing to see no one dressed up like indians at the game. and i didnt hear the tomahawk chop. that is so lame. world champs should act like champs. the game went on with out the stereotypes. the chiefs won. we were happy about that.

i am still getting produce from my garden. i froze  more habaneros and leeks. i have cucumbers to eat fresh. i imagine it wont be too much longer before the garden shuts down for the year. i asked our garden program if they would do any fall tilling. i was put on the  list. i hope they get to it. i will move my garden for next growing season.

we have been getting some rain. i am glad i mowed the yard. the grass would be out of control if i hadnt. i mowed the old garden spot too. that is in case they come to till. i know that grass that is too high is hard on the tilling. it is easier to till if the grass is short.

birds always land on the lawn after mowing. they feed on bugs. i seen a squirrel in my yard yesterday. i tried bagging the one i kept seeing last year. maybe i will have squirrel and mush soup with this one.

we dont have any girls today. misho and grammas school is closed. they will be back next week. the grandsons are coming this evening for the week end. i dont know what i would do if i didnt have any kids around. i had 11 brothers and sisters. they gave me about 50 nieces and nephews. now they are having kids. i have been around kids my entire life. it would be too quiet with out kids.

i am thinking about going for a short ride. nowhere very far. it is safe in the car. it is social distancing. we have been staying home. it is nice to get out once in awhile. i just had an oil change done. my car will be up for a good drive too.