deer and otter

i was driving acoss the rez.  got to if i go anywhere from my house. i seen a few deer.  not unusual this time of year. a couple were just down the road from us. then i seen two young ones by the clinic. i didnt see any doe around. it was probably watching us.

thing is none of the deer seemed spooked by the car. i backed the car up so i could take a picture. we were just the other side of the fence from them. they just looked at us. they wont last long.

young guys used to bring me deer meat. it spoiled me and i quit hunting. that aint happened in years now.  once a guy stopped by and asked if i wanted one. temps were like 20 degrees. i didnt want to clean any while it was that cold. i said no thanks. that was the last time i was offered any. a friend that always brought me some passed away. and i wont shoot one by road hunting.

i found a country store out in the middle of nowhere. it had hides for sale. i seen some otter hides. i checked them out. one was for $100 and they had two for $95. that is a real good price. i didnt buy any because i still have one. i will think about that though. i might still go back and buy one. cant afford to pass on that price. i wont ever seen them priced like that again.

i checked my field garden out. i found a coupla pods of mattwaoshe beans. i saved them. more are still growing. i have to pick my indian beans whenever they are ready. if i dont, they will pop open and the seeds fall to the ground. i want to save them.

i did see i have a few crooked neck squash growing. they arent very big but it is still early. i didnt see any of my mexican kickapoo squash. it flowered earlier. i hope it makes it. i really like the taste of those squash. i want to dry squash if i get any.

my sisters said they havent found any crooked neck. a lady that one sister always got crooked necks from said she didnt get any this year. it may be one of those years. i know there are times i have hundreds of squash and years i have none.

i havent smoked in some time. i will break that soon. for one time anyway. i am waiting on a cuban cigar. when i get it i will snip the end off and slowly smoke that cigar. i think i once said i would only smoke if i had a cuban cigar. life is too short to smoke those black and milds i used to smoke.

i was talking to a coupla my nieces. i remarked bout how native women like to pluck their eyebrows. i joked that during this down time from the covid that indian women should let their eyebrows grow back. they both said they were doing that. i was only kidding but they werent.

i watched the ku football game last night. i was real optimistic about the season. my  hopes kinda faded watching that first half. i didnt watch second half. oh well i am still jayhawk fan.